Love scam wheels to a halt: Police nab notorious carjacking temptress in central Thailand

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The leader of the notorious Busarakam Gang, renowned for deceiving men into falling in love with members of her gang and then stealing their cars, was apprehended today. The police confirmed that they successfully captured the mastermind, a 33-year-old woman from Ratchaburi province. Based on the warrant 384/2023 issued by the Pattaya court on July 24, she had at least 15 victims.

Duenpen Jitwimonprasert, also known as Ham, would lure her male victims using attractive women from her Busarakam Gang. The seduction queen would pretend to fall in love with the unsuspecting men, tricking them into leasing cars under their name. The scammers would claim they were blacklisted and incapable of leasing a car under their name. However, they promised their victims that they would take responsibility for the down payment and instalments.

Once Ham’s victims had made the down payment, on the day of signing the lease agreement, she would bring three members of her gang to create a scene and trick the victims further. Once the down payment was settled, all four of them, including the car, would disappear. So far this year, several victims in Sri Racha district, Chon Buri have been found, mostly contacted through dating apps.

Lieutenant Colonel Theeradech Thamsuthee, the operations chief of the Crime Suppression Division’s Sub-Division 5, identified this scam as an intricate one, utilising several tricks. The operations head led the special detectives’ team to track down the 33 year old head of the operation and the mastermind behind the Busarakam Gang’s car leasing scam, reported KhaoSod.

Police yesterday finally apprehended Ham in Tha Chumphon, Photharam, Ratchaburi province. She had been packing her bags, preparing to flee from her pursuers.

Ham, however, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, claiming ignorance about the car stealing operation and never admitting her association with the Busarakam Gang. Ham maintained her innocence, insisting she was merely a seller with a vocational certificate from a famous school in Ratchaburi. She mentioned she got pregnant early and had to stop studying.

Regarding the money transferred between herself and the gang, she stated it was a standard loan and the victims she met at the mall were introduced to her by Busarakam Gang members, without her knowledge of the scam. Initial investigations show Ham having two previous criminal records: one dated March 19 and the other February 9, both for theft.

Lieutenant Colonel Theeradech said although Ham maintains her innocence, they remain sceptical of her statements. They appealed to any citizens who may have fallen prey to the gang or who think they may be in the middle of being scammed, to report to them anytime via ‘IDMB 24 hours’ on their Facebook page. She added that even if it’s not an emergency, they take every citizen’s predicament seriously and act promptly.

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