Think Pink, Think foodpanda! It’s Pink Day with ‘Want it? foodpanda it!’

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Have you ever noticed a surge of pink in June? That’s because June 23rd marks “Pink Day”, a day dedicated to celebrating the colour and the message of equality it embodies! While the exact origin story remains a bit fuzzy, some believe The Color Association of the United States established Pink Day to promote inclusivity. On this day, everyone – regardless of gender identity – is encouraged to embrace the vibrant spirit of pink by rocking it from head to toe with clothes, accessories, and maybe even temporary hair dye!

Brands understand the power of colour in creating a distinct identity and building brand recognition. Take foodpanda, for example. a food and grocery delivery platform that has been operating in Thailand for over 12 years, having explored other colour tones before finally settling on “pink” as its signature colour. Pink embodies fun, playfulness, love, happiness, hope, and optimism, aligning perfectly with Foodpanda’s brand personality.

Photo via Foodpanda

To further amplify its identity, foodpanda has been opting to communicate with customers using “pink” details, such as the “foodpanda Tuesday” campaign and the brand’s iconic pink panda mascot, “Pau-Pau” who serves as the company’s ambassador. Now firmly established is “pink” as Foodpanda’s brand colour, colloquially dubbed as “foodpanda pink.”

Photo via Foodpanda

This June, in celebration of “Pink Day,” foodpanda beckons everyone to go all out, out-pinking themselves by incorporating more pinks to their everyday lives with the “Want It? foodpanda It” campaign. Although Pink Day falls on a Sunday this year, remember that Tuesdays remain foodpanda Days and you can always “Want It? foodpanda It” any day nonetheless. What exciting promotions do foodpanda have for us throughout June? Without further ado, let’s dive in and find out!

Up to 50% off until June 30

  • Gugu Chicken 50% Off when ordering panda summer sets (10 Chicken, 1 Rose Tteokbokki, and 2 Drinks)
  • Laem Charoen Seafood Buy 1 Get 1 when ordering a panda combo set
  • Dairy Queen Buy 1 Get 1 when ordering XL Quart Ice Cream
  • Taco Bell 50% Off when ordering Duo Taco or Duo Snack Combo Sets

Sizzling Hot Deals starting at THB39 only from 14:00-17:00 until June 30th

  • Chester’s A single M size of French Fries for THB39
  • Fresh Me A Signature Milk Tea with L Size for THB39
  • Five Star Chicken
    • 1 Fried Chicken with Tomato Chili Sauce for THB39
    • 5 Chicken Gyozas with Gyoza Sauce for THB39
    • 1 Chicken Heaven with Sweet Sauce for THB39
  • McDonald’s Pepper Chicken Burger Set or McNugget for THB39
  • Punthai Coffee 1 Iced Americano for THB39.

Swensen’s Mini Quart Ice Cream Promotion (Valid only until June 7th)foodpanda

  • Entering code “SWS99” to get a Swensen’s Mini Quart ice cream in a pink cup for Pink Day with foodpanda. All flavours for THB99.

Additionally, come join foodpanda in celebrating Pink Day to the pinkest, with its weekly promotions scattered throughout June, making each week even more full of pink than the previous one, including:

  • foodpanda Tuesday, free delivery every Tuesday when entering the “TUESDAY” codes until June 30th
  • Big Brands, Big Deals THB100 Off, when entering the “BIG100” codes at participating restaurants in the last week of June

This June, join the pinkest of the pink and paint the town pink with Foodpanda’s “Want It? foodpanda It” — a month-long celebration of all things pink, fun, and delicious!

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