Challenge yourself with these thrilling water slides at Andamanda Phuket

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Are you looking for a thrilling adventure? If so, the Andamanda Water Park in Phuket, Thailand, is sure to deliver an experience like no other. Water parks in Thailand offer a great way to beat the heat and have some fun. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling water slide or a relaxing lazy river, there’s something for everyone at one of Thailand’s water parks.” Located on the picturesque island of Phuket, Andamanda offers a variety of thrilling rides and activities that will keep you entertained for hours.

Water parks in Thailand have been around since the late 1980s, when the first water park, Suan Sunandha, opened in Bangkok. Since then, the popularity of water parks has grown in Thailand and there are now over 20 water parks located throughout the country.

The Proud Group is a hospitality and entertainment company based in Thailand. Founded in 2010, the Proud Group is responsible for the development, management, and operation of several resorts, hotels, restaurants, and attractions throughout Thailand, including the popular Vana Nava Huahin Water Park. Vana Nava is the first water park of its kind in Thailand and is known for its exciting rides, slides, and other attractions. Additionally, the Proud Group owns and operates the Andamanda Water Park, the second water park to open in Thailand. Both parks offer visitors a chance to experience the beauty of the Thai countryside and relax in a fun and exciting environment.

Water parks in Thailand offer a variety of attractions, from water slides to wave pools and lazy rivers. Many of these parks also offer a variety of other activities and attractions, such as go-karting, mini-golf, and even zip lines. So, if you want to challenge yourself with thrilling water slides in Phuket, try out Andamanda’s best water park rides.

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The Great Andaman Bay

The Great Andaman Bay is home to two of the park’s most popular rides, Eagle Flyer and Rock N Raft. Eagle Flyer is a 3-6 raft ride that takes you down a series of speedy rapids. So prepare yourself for some extreme fun and fly like an eagle as you soar down a drop. The ride takes you up a near-vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness before zooming back down. Are you a beginner for extreme thrills? Go for 101 slide rides with Rock ‘N’ Raft. No need to fly solo! Rock N Raft is a unique 3 – 5 raft ride that is sure to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Take your buddy down the giant raft with you for friendly thrills. Each turns and dips will definitely surprise you and keep you excited until the final landing.

Aside from the rides, you also have the opportunity to experience the beauty and thrill of swimming in a 10,000 sq m man-made sea with artificial surf. This is the largest of its kind in Southern Thailand which will be operated in 2023. It will have the ability to have waves reach an astounding 3 meters high!

Challenge yourself with these thrilling water slides at Andamanda Phuket | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Wave Pool Andamanda Phuket

Moon Tower in Naga Jungle

The rides at Naga Jungle’s Moon Tower are among the most thrilling in the park. Try the Garuda Soars for the ultimate in gravity-defying thrills. It is a solo body slide ride that will take you soaring through the air while twisting and turning around the track. So, lie down and enjoy the flight with your buddy.

Other thrilling water slides include Cobra Curls and Dragon’s Drop, which will have you screaming with delight as you spin and plunge down the slides. Cobra Curls is a high-altitude enclosed capsule. In 3-2-1!, the trap floor drops from beneath your feet, plunging you into free-falling thrills through an enclosed inverted looping flume for over 61m (200ft).

At Naga Jungle, you may also enjoy made-to-order Thai-style grilled seafood, American-style ribs as well as everyone’s favourite surf and turf.

Challenge yourself with these thrilling water slides at Andamanda Phuket | News by Thaiger
Cobra Curls

Emerald Forest

Revive yourself in the magical oasis with some oxygen detox in the Emerald Forest. The Emerald Forest is home to three of the park’s most exhilarating rides. Flight of the Kinnaree is a solo body slide ride that takes you up, down and around a winding track. The mythical being known as Kinnaree appears in Thai literature. She is a hybrid being made of both human and bird parts, and her duties include playing music in Heaven and keeping an eye on people’s well-being. C

Catch a wave on The Flow Rider’s exhilarating water experience. Grab a bodyboard and ride the ocean-like waves! The surf simulator is suitable for surfers of all ages and skill levels – beginners are welcome! Last but not least, the thrilling two-person slide Angels’ Slides will have you screaming with excitement. It has twists, turns, and drops. It’s just a climb away from the fun ride with the Angels!

Challenge yourself with these thrilling water slides at Andamanda Phuket | News by Thaiger
Flight of the Kinnaree

Andamanda Water Park in Phuket is the perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping. With its thrilling rides, lush surroundings and beautiful views, it is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day in the sun or an exciting adventure, Andamanda Water Park has something for everyone.”

Popular water parks in Thailand include Suan Sunandha in Bangkok and Suan Luang Rama IX in Bangkok. These parks are popular with both locals and tourists alike and offer a great way to cool off in Thailand’s hot, humid climate.

The popularity of water parks in Thailand has also led to the development of several artificial beaches in the country, such as the Phuket FantaSea in Phuket or the Pattaya Floating Market in Chonburi. These beaches offer a unique experience for beach lovers and are a great way to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin has been ranked as the No.1 Traveler Favorites of the Thailand Attractions, Water & Amusement Parks category by Trip Advisor, the world’s No. 1 travel website. This recognition is a testament to the quality and enjoyment of the park, and Andamanda Phuket is aiming to become the No.1 ranking water park in Southeast Asia on Tripadvisor.

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