Thailand joins the International Vaccine Institute

PHOTO: Thailand joins the International Vaccine Institute. (via Anutin Charnvirakul / Facebook)

During the two-day World Bio Summit 2022 in South Korea, Thailand officially joined the International Vaccine Institute (IVI). The induction as a member will allow the kingdom better information and access regarding developing and producing vaccines.

The World Health Organisation and International Vaccine Institute hosted the summit and attended by Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul representing Thailand. He signed the membership documents, adding Thailand to the group of countries that share information and development to cooperate in the field of vaccination.

Anutin said the induction into the institute was fitting since Thailand is one of the major vaccine-producing countries in the world. The National Vaccine Institute took charge during the pandemic coordinating what he described as effective vaccination distribution. The organization was instrumental in laying the groundwork to procure, manufacture, distribute, and administer injections throughout the country.

He said the Thai government worked hard during Covid-19 to ramp up injection production capabilities and solidify security for national public health. Thailand has invested big money into responsiveness and preparedness for future health crises that could require vaccination.

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The IVI promoted global collaboration that was instrumental in bringing down the cost of vaccine manufacturing and procurement. It was essential to lower the price to help developing countries and at-risk populations access much-needed vaccines.

The IVI organised the summit with members from 39 countries and attendees included political leaders, experts in the field, private charities, and representatives from companies that develop and produce vaccines. After the last year, the summit allowed members to discuss and reflect on what takeaways could be learned from the Covid-19 global pandemic. Members exchanged information and experiences gleaned from fighting coronavirus around the world.


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