Eat a A waffle dick

PHOTO: Mr & Mrs Dick brings naughty waffles to Bali. (via Mr & Mrs Dick)

A new naughty waffle shop in Bali is getting a rise out of people. Mr & Mrs Dick has just opened and instantly shot to viral fame for selling waffles shaped like male and female genitals. The shop is turning heads and gathering love (and some hate) from surprised people online.

The shop opened this month in the trendy Seminyak area of the popular Indonesian holiday island. Mr & Mrs Dick tempts people with their sweet-tasting but spicy-shaped waffles and treats. A chocolate waffle shaped like a penis will set you back about 100 baht. That’s rather pricey compared to other simple sweet treats.

But the novelty may still drive plenty of customers to check out a shop where you can order lady parts instead of just ladyfingers.

A food-based Instagram account discovered the new shop and posted a video of visiting the bakery on their account. They warned of adult content at the beginning of the video, but the review was generally positive. They suggested people give the naughty waffles a try themselves.

The response online has been mixed, with the more conservative types saying that the kinky waffles are inappropriate. And not only were Mr & Mrs Dick bad for baking such sweet genitalia, but the Instagrammer was also wrong to share the video on a wholesome social media app that children could access and be morally corrupted by.

Indonesia in general is quite conservative, and many commented that Bali is the only island in the country where Mr & Mrs Dick’s waffles wouldn’t immediately get shut down. In fact, the owners could be arrested and punished under Indonesia’s extreme anti-pornography laws.

Waffle porn may be uncharted territory, but the baked goods are clearly shaped like male and female genitals. And that could be enough to land them in the porn category and in hot water legally.

Whether it’s worth the risk remains to be seen. But the buzz online seems to be positive, with people itching to get to Bali and experience some waffle dicks for themselves. The novelty has gained them a following on TikTok, Facebook, and their website.

So if you’re in Bali, someone telling you to eat a dick might not be an insult. It could just be an invitation for a waffle!

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