La Tavola offers a slice of Italy’s coastal flavors in Bangkok

PHOTO: La Tavola

Bangkok just got a touch more dolce with the reopening of La Tavola, an authentic Italian restaurant on the 3rd floor of Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel. Celebrating all there is to love about Italian food, the restaurant serves up mouth-watering flavors of Italy’s seaside towns right here in the capital of Thailand.

The essence of Italian coastal flavors

Under the expert guidance of Chef Nott, La Tavola is all set to bring an Italian culinary experience like no other. Combining authentic Italian food and coastal inspiration, the restaurant invites you to explore the diverse regional cuisine of Italy that extends beyond the traditional spaghetti and pizza that spring to mind when one thinks of Italian cuisine.

In their Coastal Flavors selection, you can uniquely experience Italy’s shoreline on a plate. The menu includes Sarde Fritte, fried Sicilian Sardine served with lemon wedge, as well as Orata Intera Al Forno, whole paper-baked Mediterranean sea bream. Additionally, the menu also features Cinque Terre, a Ligurian-style assorted seafood stew pot, and Dover Sole prepared traditionally in Italy.

The best place to go for Italian food, La Tavola Bangkok
PHOTO: La Tavola

For those keen on discovering the tastes of Italy’s different regions, La Tavola offers a spectrum of dishes ranging from southern Puglia’s handmade La Nostra Burrata to Polpetta Alla Amatriciana, seasoned meatballs from the province of Rieti in Lazio. There’s also the Pici Alla Bolognese, a traditional pasta dish from Bologna, and Milano’s Ossobuco Con Risotto Allo Zafferano. To end the meal with a sweet note, there is the Venetian dessert ‘Tiramisu La Tavola,’ freshly prepared at your tableside.

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Ossobuco con risotto allo zafferano at La Tavola
PHOTO: Ossobuco con risotto allo zafferano

Under the Chef Signature Menu, a five-course meal curated by Chef Nott awaits. The chef’s culinary expertise shines through with the unusual pairings and inventive use of ingredients in dishes such as the Merluzzo E Spaghetti Al Nero Di Sepia, consisting of pan-seared cod fish and black ink spaghetti. The unique cooking styles and flavors in these dishes effectively complement the authenticity of Italian cuisine.

Tiramisu La Tavola
PHOTO: Tiramisu La Tavola

Interactive dining experience

But La Tavola is not just about flavors. The restaurant also places high emphasis on the entire dining experience. From the tableside preparations of your meals to the playful serving of their homemade Limoncello, they make sure your Italian journey is full of delightful surprises.

A splash of Italian wine

No Italian feast is ever complete without the perfect wine pairing. And La Tavola carefully put together their wine list to take you on a fantastic trip through the beautiful regions of Italy. They’ve picked a wide range of homegrown Italian grapes that are celebrated worldwide. But they also keep up with the latest wine trends, adding in new grape types and mixtures that modern wine fans love. Rest assured, when it comes to where they source their wines, they don’t compromise.

A harmonious fusion of land, sea, and art

Designed with the aim to transport your senses straight to Italy, the inspiration behind La Tavola is painted across every corner of the restaurant. The design draws from the harmony of seaside homes, where colors and details come together in a beautiful life. Moreover, they bring the feel of Mediterranean buildings to life, with sandy textures and the delicate elegance of Italian art.

The restaurant’s vibrant colors will uplift your mood, and the use of materials such as the comforting touch of wood and the timeless elegance of marble create a genuine Italian atmosphere. These elements come together to bring to life the natural beauty and charm of Italy.

The best place to go for Italian food, La Tavola Bangkok
PHOTO: La Tavola

Reserve a spot for your Italian getaway

La Tavola provides a unique space for everyone – couples seeking a romantic setting, families desiring quality time, wine enthusiasts eager to try something new, and even professionals looking for a unique business lunch. Here, good Italian food connects people.

So, if you’re ready to be transported to a rustic Italian seaside town without ever leaving Bangkok, be sure to visit La Tavola at the 3rd floor of Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel (click here to Google Maps). They’re open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch (11:30 – 15:00) and dinner (18:00 – 22:30).


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