Durian vendor found dead in pond after business trip

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The family of a durian vendor was left in shock upon discovering that the man had been found dead, his hands and feet bound, in a pond after he had returned from selling durians in the south. The police were alerted to the incident at 6 am today and promptly arrived at the scene, accompanied by emergency medical personnel from Klaeng Hospital.

The investigation revealed a shocking scene of a man’s body floating in the public pond, adjacent to where an Isuzu pickup truck with license plate number ผน-715 was found parked. The deceased, clad in a black shirt and shorts, was bound hand and foot.

No signs of external injury were found on the body, leading the authorities to estimate that he had been dead for approximately three hours. The body was prepared to be sent to Klaeng Hospital for an autopsy.

Further investigation within the vehicle led to the discovery of the deceased’s identification card. The man was identified as 40 year old Nutthawut.

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A note was found within the vehicle, addressed to his family, stating, “I love Mum and my children. Collect 2 million baht from a person named Mag.”

The police kept the note as evidence for further investigation.

Durian vendor found dead in pond after business trip | News by Thaiger
The pond where the durian vendor’s body was found. Photo by KhaoSod.

Family members of the deceased durian vendor reported that Nutthawut had recently returned from a business trip in the south where he had been selling durians. However, he had been under immense stress due to losses incurred in his business.

Despite this, family members were stunned by his decision to end his life. Nutthawut had disappeared the night before his body was discovered, reported KhaoSod.

Based on the initial investigation and evidence found at the scene, the police believe that Nutthawut took his own life due to the stress from his failing business.

The family, though shocked by their loss, did not contest the cause of death and are preparing to perform the necessary rituals.

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