foodpanda reaffirms commitment to enhance delivery partners’ work experience with ‘panda hearts’ across 11 Markets in APAC

Leading food and grocery delivery platform, foodpanda, is doubling down on its commitment to its delivery partners with ‘panda hearts,’ its flagship programme aimed at uplifting and supporting delivery partners in five core areas: safety, well-being, personal development, community and welfare perks. With more than a decade of experience in Asia, foodpanda has worked closely with its delivery partners to find ways to support and enhance their delivery experience. Through initiatives like road safety training, bursary awards, and subsidised electric motorbike rentals, foodpanda ensures its partners are equipped to navigate their roles safely and confidently. This comprehensive approach reduces accident rates and fosters a supportive working environment, ultimately benefiting the entire community across 11 markets in APAC.

panda hearts’ 5 aspects

foodpanda panda hearts

These are the 5 aspects that the panda hearts initiative will operate from and supporting the initiative, Bhavani Shankar Mishra, Senior Director of Operations, foodpanda says “We recognise that gig work is here to stay, and our responsibility as a company is to ensure that our delivery partners thrive in their roles. We want them to feel valued, supported and empowered so they feel good about partnering with us. To do this meaningfully, we regularly engage with them to understand what matters most to them, and learn how we can improve what we’re currently doing to provide the necessary resources and support.”

foodpanda panda hearts

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1. Safety

foodpanda’s safety initiatives empower delivery partners with tools for road safety, including easy app navigation to enhance focus on driving. Regular notifications remind partners to take breaks, ensuring safety. Comprehensive safety training with traffic authorities is provided, along with essential gear like helmets, first-aid kits, and reflective vinyl stickers. Safety bonuses and allowances are also offered, alongside support for obtaining licenses to ensure compliance with road regulations, all aimed at minimising risks and promoting safer deliveries.

2. Well-being

Well-being initiatives at foodpanda extend beyond safety to encompass health and mental resilience. Partnering with health providers, they offer regular screenings as well as health and hospitalisation insurance Events promoting regular exercise foster physical health. Rider Hubs provide rest areas with refreshments. These initiatives integrate support into delivery partners’ daily routines, significantly enhancing their holistic well-being.

3. Personal Development

foodpanda supports delivery partners with diverse personal development opportunities, including upskilling courses. They also provide financial literacy workshops, bursaries, scholarships, and entrepreneurship opportunities, fostering continuous improvement beyond day-to-day tasks to help partners achieve their personal and professional goals.

4. Community

Community-building at foodpanda fosters a supportive network through group chats and accessible communication channels. Dedicated rider ambassador programmes enable direct communication while appreciation events like panda awards recognise and value delivery partners’ dedication, ensuring they feel supported and appreciated.

5. Welfare Perks

foodpanda Thailand supports delivery partners with discounts on electric motorbike rentals and a Bangkok-wide charging station network. Tipping campaigns boost earnings, while discounts on vehicles, internet plans, and grocery vouchers help manage daily expenses. Some areas offer free lubricant exchange and motor cleaning supplies. The Bamboo Rewards program allows partners to redeem vouchers, merchandise, and cash, enhancing their overall well-being.

Stronger focus on delivery partner safety and wellness

Road safety forms a cornerstone of the ‘panda hearts’ programme, distinguishing foodpanda’s approach. Recognising the vital role safe road conditions play, foodpanda actively implements measures to improve safety awareness. Through road safety training initiatives, foodpanda equips its partners with the resources, knowledge, and skills to navigate roads safely. These efforts resulted in over a 50% decrease in accident rates over the last six months.

The wellness of delivery partners extends beyond road safety. foodpanda ensures that delivery partners have access to essential resources for their health and well-being. Free health screenings and insurance options are integral components that support partners’ physical health. Additionally, designated rest areas provide safe spaces for relaxation during breaks.

The ‘panda hearts’ programme not only prioritises immediate safety but also long-term wellness. By fostering a safer working environment, foodpanda aims to instill confidence in its delivery partners. This holistic approach ensures that every delivery man can operate efficiently and without undue risk.

Upcoming initiatives under panda hearts

foodpanda’s ‘panda hearts’ programme evolves, with new initiatives aimed at enhancing delivery partner welfare. One significant effort includes bursary awards for delivery partners in Singapore. This initiative supports their personal development and educational pursuits.

Scholarship programmes extend to children of delivery partners in Laos and Cambodia. These scholarships aim to provide better educational opportunities for future generations, reflecting foodpanda’s commitment to community enhancement.

In Thailand, foodpanda focuses on improving delivery efficiency through welfare perks. They subsidise the rental of electric motorbikes for delivery partners. This initiative promotes eco-friendly practices and reduces operational costs for delivery partners.

Mishra concludes “Delivery partners are the heartbeat of our platform, tirelessly connecting communities with essential services. As their significance grows, so does our responsibility to enhance their well-being. It’s important that we continually step up to prioritise the care and support of our frontline heroes.”

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