The new Test & Go – the fine print

Here are some added details for people wanting to arrive under the new version of the Thailand Pass Test & Go program for fully vaccinated travellers entering Thailand at this time.

Yesterday the CCSA removed the Day 5 pre-paid PCR test and additional night of SHA+ accommodation. The additional day of testing, and waiting, were deeply unpopular with travellers after the re-introduction of the Test & Go program on February 1. The new guidelines come into effect from March 1 but will not be updated on the Thailand Pass website until that date.

There are risks involved with arriving in Thailand at this time as an international traveller, including the possibility of being forced to do a 10 day quarantine if you return a positive Covid test after you arrive, or are deemed at “high risk” because of your proximity to sick or Covid-positive people (more details below).

You should consider these risks, albeit low, whilst deciding if you are travelling to Thailand at this time.

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You’ll need a PCR test no more than 72 hours before your scheduled departure to Thailand.

When you arrive you’ll be transported to your pre-booked SHA+ hotel. That’s where you’ll have a PCR test. You’ll have to wait at the hotel for the results (hope you have a Netflix account!)

If your PCR test is positive, you will be required to stay at the hotel for 10 days, at your cost. If you have bad symptoms you’ll be transferred to a hospital for treatment (hope you have an Apple TV and Disney account as well!).

But if you test negative after your arrival PCR test, you’ll be free to travel anywhere in Thailand.

On Day 5 following your arrival, you’ll be required to do a ATK (Rapid Antigen Test) test yourself and upload the results to the Mor Chana app. ATK tests are freely available at all convenience stores and usually cost less than 100 baht.

If your ATK test is positive you’ll be required to stay at the hotel for 10 days, at your cost. If you have bad symptoms you’ll be transferred to a hospital for treatment.

There is a tourist hotline on 1155 or 1672 to request help or assistance.

If you determined to be a person at “high risk” who has been in close contact with an infected person, you’ll be required to serve a 7 day quarantine in a hotel (or hospital if you have bad symptoms), plus an additional 3 days “under observation”. You will have an ATK test twice during your stay, including on the final day (Day 10) before your release.

You are at high risk if….

• you weren’t wearing a mask whilst in close contact with a Covid-infected person

• near to an infected or sick person, within 2 metres, and for more than 5 minutes

• if you were sitting next to infected person on a plane or during hotel transfer, or if you had close contact with an “at risk” person within 1 metre, without wearing a mask, for more than 5 minutes

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