New Covid-19 treatment from AstraZeneca could make “significant difference”

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Studies show that a new Covid-19 antibody treatment from AstraZeneca offers 83% protection over 6 months. According to a Reuters report, the pharmaceutical giant says the new treatment could offer hope to people who don’t respond well to vaccines. Executive Vice President Mene Pangalos says the evidence shows it could make a significant difference.

“These new data add to the growing body of evidence supporting AZD7442’s potential to make a significant difference in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.”

The treatment, known as AZD7442 or Evusheld, is administered via injection. An earlier study in August showed it offered 77% protection against symptomatic illness after 3 months. AstraZeneca has also conducted a separate trial in Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms, which showed that administering a higher dose of Evusheld within the first 3 days of symptoms developing cut the risk of more severe illness by 88%.

The manufacturers have described the treatment’s real advantage as being as a preventative treatment. The latest findings mean that AstraZeneca, like its competitor Pfizer, could be in a position to offer both vaccines and treatments in the ongoing battle against Covid-19.

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SOURCE: Reuters

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