Nasal spray to prevent Covid hits stores October 1

PHOTO: Covitrap anti-Covid nasal spray to hit shelves on October 1. (via WorkPoint Today)

Hibiocy announced the release of their anti-Covid nasal spray, set to hit the shelves on October 1. The spray is a homegrown invention, developed in Thailand by medical researchers at the faculty of medicine at Chulalongkorn University. The design blocks Covid from entering the body through the nose.

The company producing it is a subsidiary of Rojukiss International, and its CEO made the announcement yesterday that the nasal spray would be commercially available from Saturday. Like most Covid drugs, the creators named it something catchy. The spray will be sold under the brand name “VAILL CITITRAP Anti-Cov Nasal Spray.”

By Thailand, for Thailand, a team of doctors and researchers at the prestigious university developed the nasal spray for domestic use. Hopefully, the spray can be a pre-emptive safety against coronavirus infections. Could it replace masks?

The nasal spray works by coating the inside of your nose with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. That creates a barrier in the pores, blocking the Covid virus from being absorbed into the body through the nasal cavity. Ingesting the spray in doses every six hours or three times per day should protect users from the virus.

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The director of the Health System Research Institute hailed the Thai creation as innovative. Hibiocy has now registered patent rights for the nasal spray as well. It is now ready for commercial distribution and sales.

After the medical team perfected the spray, the private sector will now take over to handle all distribution and production of the consumer product. Information about the new Thai nasal spray is available through Facebook and using the @Covitrap account on the LINE app. The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation also has informed pharmacists on hand at all of their medical clinics and drug stores, including the Senizens and Panacura.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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