Health Department warns: Avoid Covid-19, don’t have sex

FILE PHOTO: The close contact of sex can lead to transmission of Covid-19.

Thailand has had a long string of frustrating recommendations for lowering the risk of Covid-19 transmission from curfews to masks to hand sanitiser and social distancing. But a new recommendation from the Health Department may have crossed a line. Avoid Covid-19: Don’t have sex.

The Health Department’s Director of the Office of Reproductive Health made a statement today that is bound to put a kink in people’s… kink. He advised that sex is a health risk during the spread of Covid-19 and people should avoid it.

The doctor said that anyone who suspects they might have Covid-19 or are awaiting the results of a Coronavirus test should refrain from any sexual activity until they are sure they don’t have the virus. And of course, if you have already tested positive for Covid-19, you should avoid all sex completely until a doctor has cleared you completely of infection.

The Health Department representative also warned that people should steer clear of sex with strangers in these risky and uncertain times. Covid-19, like sexually transmitted diseases, can be spread from person to person through intimate contact, even with someone with no visible signs of infections.

The Office of Reproductive Heath informs people that if they are worried or would like more information about sexual safety, they can check out the Thai Save Thai website for information and risk assessment. But be careful: in Thailand, some alternatives for sex can get you into hot water as well.

In the meantime, the office reminds people to avoid sex with strangers and anyone who has a risk of being infected with Covid-19. As far as official Covid-19 safety warnings go, this one might make wearing a mask not seem like such a personal intrusion anymore.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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