Bangkok man arrested for allegedly selling sex toys

Photo via Royal Thai Police Facebook.

A seller in Bangkok has been arrested for allegedly possessing illegal sex toys for sale.

Thaweesak a 28 year old Bangkok seller was arrested today after police received a tip that he had sex toys in his possession.

After obtaining a search warrant from Phra Khanong Criminal Court, detectives staged a raid on the suspect’s house and seized 169 items. The suspect allegedly confessed to possessing said instruments and that he sold them online to nearby male customers.

Police warn the sex toy buying public that sex toys are still illegal in Thailand… because the lack of medical license means their safety cannot be guaranteed. They did not specify what the dangers of using the toys were. But they did say:

“Everyone using them may harm their own vital organ”.

The specific charges relating to sex toys state (translated from Thai):

Trade or is involved in or is involved in the trade of such obscene material or thing distribute or show off to the public or renting such objects or things under Section 287 (2) of the Criminal Code and advertising that is unfair to consumers or Use potentially harmful messages to the society as a whole according to the Consumer Protection Act 1979, section 22(3)

SOURCE: Thai Residents Police Talks

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Jack Arthur

Jack is from the USA, has a B.A. in English, and writes on a variety of topics. He lives in Thailand.


  1. You can be arrested if you are an ordinary citizen who sells silicone dildos, but you can not be arrested if you are the son of a redbull who killed a police officer. Long live Thai justice! The most humane and fair justice in the world!

  2. Wow another nonsense. But can drug trafficking and be Minister or kill a cop with a Ferrari. But do not collect mushrooms or sell sex toys. They lost any common sense and logic.

  3. there is no specific charge for sex toys in section 287, but a more generic “any other thing which is obscene” statement. Btw, who’s your translator, mickey mouse? Geez google translate can do much better than that horror… Trade or is involved in or is involved in the trade” what is it? patois? 5555555

  4. I guess this story is from Afghanistan or Yemen or one of those places where even thinking about sex is a terrible sin. Uh… Wait a minute… This story is from Thailand ? Where (before the pandemic) an estimated 200,000 to 1,000,000 people are sex workers ? Shaking my head in disbelief…

  5. Not all sex toys are meant for insertion, some of us just like good vibrations. Am I going to damage my clitoris by accident on high speed? I’ve tried it- impossible. Probably teenage girls are getting theirs lopped off somewhere in southern Thailand right now.

  6. That picture give new meaning to the term “perp walk”. You have to wonder if government really does not see the hypocrisy of outlawing sex toys? Or is this a more an issue of cracking down on the competition of your clients thing?

  7. A so called white priest with low IQ man was arrested for raping young girls , only 5 comments ,lol.

    But a thai sells sex toys , you see the stupid white low IQ people commenting , lol , it funny , yellow men , the evil of the world, they flood the internet to cover their evils while abusing other , Haha, fool yourselves

  8. Are you serious right now? Corruption running rampant including the PM’s Brother. Price gouging for vaccines and billions in debt. So what do they focus on?
    They focus on arresting a guy for selling sex toys and dildos in a country that exploits sex workers and unofficially promotes sex bars and sex workers all over Thailand.
    There is something fundamentally wrong with this counties mentality when you can buy a girl for a night in most bars. Their moral compass needs to be looked at seriously.
    Maybe he did not pay enough bribe money.

  9. I wonder what more people need to hear coming from this country to keep clear of it. Thailand is one of the most archaic countries in the world. People get arrested for the most ridiculous “crimes”like drinking beer, smoking an e cigarette, uttering the slightest criticism of the royal household, overstaying, etc while real crimes and corruption thrive. This has come particularly clear during the present health situation.

  10. The HYPOCRISY in Thailand is astounding. On the streets, in the alley, in message parlors, in bars and clubs…SEX is available for a couple thousand baht. But to dictate what you do or cannot do, in the privacy of your home ?

  11. “ Trade or is involved in or is involved in the trade of such obscene material or thing distribute or show off to the public or renting such objects or things ” Am I the only one who noticed the part about renting a sex toy? Who wants to rent a dildo??? ???

  12. I hid 168 sex toys up my arse once, surely this guy could of stuffed one extra up his to make it 169……I agree.168 was uncomfortable butt I sort of liked it too….

  13. @Ktb. You continue with your racist comments. Hopefully Thaiger will do a better job at stopping you in future. The reason why there were few comments about the priest is that there was little to be said. The guy is an evil pervert who has got caught and now will face the full force of the law. End of story. This story has attracted more comments due to the hypocrisy and double standards on display. A country that embraces sexual activity so openly, with soapy massage parlours, gogo bars, short time hotels and open street prostitution to then ban sex toys on moral grounds, is unfathomable. That’s the story!

  14. The health argument is completely BS. If these toys weren’t widely available people would resort to home made items like in the old days. There’s a greater risk from an unsophisticated wooden dildo or a vegetable covered in bacteria than from silicone products. B.T.W. there is an open cave on the public beach in Krabi which is stuffed with wooden phalluses in all sizes dedicated to one god or the other. If that’s permissible than why this isn’t?

  15. Many sellers in each soi in China town and weekend night market.
    Only men bought from him? Of course, good Thai ladies would never dream of such filth. They don’t want to damage their liver or spleen with the big boys.

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