Fact Check: Does a vaccinated blood donation protect from Covid-19?

FILE PHOTO: Does a blood donation from a vaccinated person protect you from Covid-19?

No, you can’t get vaccinated against Covid-19 by receiving a blood donation from a vaccinated donor. The warning comes from the Anti-Fake News Centre responding to new posts online claiming that blood donations are affected by Covid-19 vaccines.

The false claims seen circulating on Thai social media say that if you accept a blood donation from someone who has already been vaccinated against Covid-19, you could in turn become vaccinated. The Anti-Fake News Centre reports that this is not the case, and is attempting to spread the word to ask people to stop sharing the false information on their social media.

They suggest that rather than getting their information from social media posts, people with questions or concerns about vaccines or anything related to Covid-19 in Thailand should contact the Department of Disease Control by visiting ddc.moph.go.th or calling their hotline at 1422.

“Please people don’t be fooled, and we ask for cooperation not to send or share such information on various social media channels.”

The centre that fights to keep misinformation that could potentially harm people and spread Covid-19 infections stated that they consulted the Department of Disease Control in the Ministry of Public Health to get a clear explanation of the false post and why it is wrong.

After reviewing the contents of the incorrect post, the DDC confirmed that, despite the claims going around on social media in Thailand, receiving blood by a donation from a vaccinated person does not mean the vaccination they had received will transfer into the blood recipient’s body.

They explain that the blood transfusion will not then build immunity from the Covid-19 virus in the receiver’s body because the amount of vaccinated blood introduced into the recipient’s body is much smaller than all the unvaccinated blood in their body already.

They did not state what amount of blood, if any, from a fully vaccinated person would need to be added to an unvaccinated person’s body in order for them to experience some immunity from Covid-19.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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