Boxing fans preparing to donate blood plasma to help others with their recovery


Today, boxing fans who has fully recovered from the Covid-19 virus has announced that they are planning to donate their blood plasma to help doctor and medical officials study on ways to help others. With the donation fans are hoping that it could help with the recovery of other patients and hopefully, find a cure for the pandemic.

A ring announcer Pinit Polkhan reports to PPTV36 in an interview that…

“He and a group of 30 boxing fans will donate their blood plasma after researchers found out that it could be a potential way to study the virus and treating the infection.”

“After we heard the news from the Thai Red Cross Society, those who have recovered agreed to come forward to donate their blood.”

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He also saw it as an opportunity to contribute to society after the Muay Thai industry faced criticism for proceeding the match at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on March 6.

“Many people blamed the Lumpini boxing stadium for being a ‘super spreader’ of Covid-19 infections in Thailand, although it’s not totally true, we have to face it. As we have recovered from the virus, we want to contribute something positive to society.”

Boxing fans preparing to donate blood plasma to help others with their recovery | News by Thaiger

Director of the National Blood Centre Dootchai Chaiwanichsiri, says “volunteers need to wait for 14 days after they have been discharged from hospital before making donations.”

Chulalongkorn University’s virology expert Yong Poovorawan, says…

“The plasma (a clear, yellowish liquid derived from blood) contains antibodies that may help fight the coronavirus.”

“Plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients will be beneficial in curing patients who are suffering from severe conditions since it’s like a serum to cure the disease. It can inhibit the virus from attacking lung cells and preventing patients from suffering pneumonitis.”

Many countries have begun clinical trials of using plasma to treat coronavirus patients including China, Canada, South Korea, Singapore and the US, as researchers around the world race to develop vaccines and medications to treat the infection.

SOURCE: Khao Sod

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