8 new cases of Covid reported today, all asymptomatic and in quarantine

Thailand officials have reported 8 new Covid-19 cases from 5 different countries today, with all cases being asymptomatic and in discovered whilst the recently arrived passengers were in quarantine. The new cases were from Russia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, the US, and India.

The 35 year old Indian man was on the same flight as 8 previously confirmed cases and reportedly tested positive 3 days after arriving. He was in a self-paid alternative state quarantine facility in Bangkok. The second case was a 43 year old Indian man who arrived on a flight from which 5 other passengers had already tested positive.  He tested positive during his first test.

The third case was a 27 year old Thai employee on the same flight coming from the UAE as 2 other previously reported cases. She stayed in quarantine in Chon Buri province and was confirmed positive for the virus after her first test as well. The fourth case was a 23 year old Lao student who had arrived from Russia. No other cases were found on her flight to Thailand.  She is in quarantine in Bangkok.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh cases were all Americans.  A 23, 40 and 5 year old who are all in quarantine in Bangkok. All three tested positive last Wednesday with no other confirmed cases found on their flights.

The eighth case was a 40 year old Macedonian woman coming from Pakistan who also tested positive on Wednesday and was being treated at a private hospital in Bangkok. No other cases were confirmed on her flight.

The new cases bring Thailand’s total to 3,583 with 3,386 being recovered and 59 deaths. Globally, there are 34.8 million cases with 1.03 million deaths.  The US has the most confirmed Covid-19 cases at 7.54 million followed by India with 6.47 million cases and Brazil with 4.88 million cases.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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  • Just shows how necessary the quarantine period is, even after testing, even though it won't suit some agendas.

  • "Thailand officials have reported 8 new Covid-19 cases from 5 different countries today, with all cases being asymptomatic and in discovered whilst the recently arrived passengers were in quarantine."
    The all cases being asymptomatic is the point.

    me: doc, I think I'm sick.
    doc: how you feeling?
    me: I feel ok.
    doc: do you have a fever or cough?
    me: no, none.
    doc: are you having trouble breathing?
    me: no, I breath fine.
    doc: are you achy?
    me: no.
    doc: Hmm. You are not sick. Go home now.

    But in Thailand, they'll just give you a test that often gives false positives and lock you up for two weeks claiming you're infected with a deadly virus.

  • ps, your headline says 'symptomatic'. the first sentence says all 'asymptomatic'

    fix your headline.

  • Exactly as they do in the majority of countries, contrary to what's suggested here, from Japan to Australia, Taiwan to Canada, India to New Zealand - this is the norm world-wide, not the exception.

    Meanwhile in the UK, as in a relatively few other countries, they don't give you a test on arrival but rely on arrivals from some countries "self-isolating".

    UK: 42,000+ deaths from Covid-19, with the death rate and number of cases doubling every fortnight.

    Thailand: 59 deaths from Covid-19, with one death and a steady number of cases since June.

    Now I wonder who's got it right .....

    • That's an awful lot of countries and people that are liars.

      The oft repeated auggestion that Thailand is alone in this and it's all about "commission" and corruption would be laughable if only it weren't so mindlessly dangerous.

  • "... in Thailand" as in the majority of other countries, from India to Japan, Canada to New Zealand, Australia to Taiwan.

    UK: 42,000+ deaths from Covid-19, with cases doubling every fortnight.

    Thailand: 59 deaths, with one death and cases at the same rate since June.

    Now, who's probably got it right ... ?

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