4 marijuana strains to be become National Heritages, possibly help effects of Covid

Photo via Facebook / อนุทิน ชาญวีรกูล (Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul)

It will generate economic benefits for the country

Thailand’s Health Minister, and noted non-fan of “unwashed farangs“, Anutin Charnvirakul, declared yesterday that 4 cannabis strains in Thailand will be registered as National Heritages. The move is done to promote research related to medical marijuana and combatting the effects of Covid-19.

Anutin says the Medical Plant Research Institute through the Department of Medical Sciences has FDA approval to plant the cannabis strains for medical purposes. Specifically, the strains are going to be studied for their applications in restoring Covid damaged lungs.

The strains set to be registered as National Heritages are:

  1. ST1
  2. TT1
  3. UUA1
  4. RDi

Further information on the strains, whether they are indica, sativa, or blends is not known. However, each variety will have different amounts of psychoactive substances THC and CBD.

The registration of the strains is waiting for certification through the Agriculture Department, says a spokesperson for Anutin. The process is anticipated to be finished by August.

The health minister goes on to say:

“It will generate economic benefits for the country, as well as boost farmers’ potential to compete in the global market, which will help reduce trade deficit with other countries”

SOURCE Chiang Rai Times

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