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The covid 19 travel requirements into Thailand.

This morning we reported that any non-Thai traveler that is 18 and above must have either two doses of covid 19 vaccines, a letter of proof of recovery from covid in the past six months or a doctor’s letter explaining why they are not vaccinated. And this letter has been given to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand or the CAAT to tell airlines to prohibit any passengers traveling to Thailand that do not have these documents from coming on board. and even though this law has only been announced over the weekend, it has been effective since this morning, January 9th 2023.

However, earlier this afternoon, still January 9th, The public health minister, Mr. Anutin Charnveerakul, made the announcement that the requirement for a vaccination certificate is now dropped and is effective immediately. Now, this poses a bit of confusion for both the airlines and travelers as the CAAT has not yet been able to circulate the new law to ALL the airlines yet. Meaning that there are people about to board the plane right now being rejected from coming on board because the airlines are not informed of the new law yet.

Again this is breaking news, there might be more updates later tonight. For the latest information on Thailand’s entry requirements, please visit the Thaiger. Com


Driving penalty points system in effect from today

Thailand’s new driving penalty points system will come into effect today but the police are focusing on encouraging general public awareness so they understand the new rules before fully cracking down. The new points system for motorists is aimed at improving traffic law compliance, reducing accidents, and improving road safety, according to the commander of the Highway Police Division.

The point system will be applied to every driver, but offenders will have a chance to reform depending on the situation. Points will be returned after one year, but if only six points remain, the driver can attend a training course to restore their points.

Each driving license holder will be given 12 points to start with and then points will be deducted for each violation they are caught committing. The point deductions are divided into four levels, depending on the severity of the violation. If a driver loses all 12 points, their license will be suspended for 90 days. If they receive three suspensions within three years, their license will be revoked.

For the full list of the traffic offenses and how many points each of them cost, please visit the Thaiger. Com


Police bust Songkhla newspaper editor for drug crimes

Police busted a newspaper editor in Thailand’s southern Songkhla province for drug-related crimes on Friday. The editor was found to be working along with two other suspects.

A team of officers from several divisions raided the three suspect’s rooms in สานบุรี district.

One of the suspects, 35-year-old Paradorn, is an editor for a local newspaper.

The other two men arrested were 36-year-old Koder, and 49-year-old Diwantrian, a Malaysian national.

The officers found 20 meth pills, 200 grammes of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and four mobile phones in the suspects’ rooms.

The men were charged with possessing narcotics and selling methamphetamine

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