Thailand News Today | Farang’s on e-unicycles raise local ire, PM calls for more security for royal family

The Prime Minister is calling for heightened security for the royal family

Following a recent incident where student activist Tantawan Tuatulanon and a member of the Thalu Wang group attempted to disrupt Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s motorcade by honking and lane-cutting, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin called for increased security measures for the royal family, emphasizing the importance of their safety due to their critical duties. The incident, part of a protest on February 4, was followed by a public opinion poll conducted by Tantawan’s group about the inconvenience of royal motorcades, leading to a violent altercation with a group of royalists at Siam BTS station. The Prime Minister urged non-violent expressions of opinion and dialogue for national unity, while the national police chief announced charges against the activists, highlighting a commitment to protect the royal institution. This stance is contrasted by the Move Forward Party’s call for legal action against the royalists involved in the brawl. Tantawan, charged with royal defamation, denied intentional disruption, claiming haste to a meeting led to the incident.

A couple of farangs on e-unicycles caught the ire of locals in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, two foreign individuals caused a public outcry by riding electric unicycles on a busy road, an act captured in a widely shared Facebook video. Their use of the right lane, intended for high-speed vehicles, and the inherently slow and unregistered nature of their e-unicycles, drew criticism for endangering themselves and other motorists. Despite warnings from onlookers, they persisted, leading to calls for police intervention. Thai netizens emphasized the danger and illegality of their actions, noting the lack of necessary safety signals on their vehicles. A Thai acquaintance of the foreigners explained their unintended presence in the right lane was due to a missed U-turn. The Chiang Mai Provincial Police are investigating, and the riders face fines for using unregistered vehicles on public roads, highlighting the serious legal implications of disregarding local traffic laws.

A massive piece of construction equipment overturned at a site in Chon Buri

An 80-tonne crane overturned at the Chon Buri Provincial Administration Organisation’s construction site of a five-storey office building, causing significant damage to a parked pickup truck and injuring the crane operator. The crane, which struck a nearby fence, lost balance and fell onto the truck, whose owner’s identity remains unknown. The operator sustained moderate injuries to his hip and legs and received immediate medical attention before being taken to a hospital for further treatment, highlighting the risks associated with construction work and the importance of safety measures on such sites.

Blackmail, assault, and scandals abound in Bangkok’s high society

A high-profile socialite has strongly refuted claims of blackmail while accusing a notable figure from the high society, specifically the 27-year-old son of influential politician Aphichai Techa-udom of the Palang Pracharath Party, of sexual assault. The police are intensifying their investigation into the incident, which occurred on February 8 in Nong Bon, Prawet District, and are planning to summon the accused. The 25-year-old victim, supported by legal advisors, has followed up on her case at the Prawet Police Station, providing additional medical evidence of injuries from her attempt to escape. The victim and the accused are described as acquaintances within the same social circle. Legal representatives emphasize that the complaint is genuine, not motivated by blackmail, and that the victim’s family, possessing their own status, is not seeking financial compensation. The police are set to issue a summons to the accused, who has been in contact with authorities, ensuring there’s been no external pressure on the investigation.

A young girl was rescued after going missing for two days in a cemetery

In Chon Buri province, Thailand, a cemetery caretaker rescued an eight-year-old girl who had been living in a graveyard for two days after allegedly fleeing from her mother’s abuse. The caretaker, 55-year-old Samai Kalaphan, discovered the girl playing alone and, after learning about her situation, sought assistance from the Tri Khunnatham Rescue Foundation. The girl, believed to be a Burmese national, was found with mosquito bites and bruises, using a bag of fertilizer as a pillow and her pink comfort doll as her only possession. She reported not eating for two days, only drinking water from a pond, and feared returning home due to the abuse. Samai offered her shelter and care with his family until the rescue team could locate her mother and ensure her safety. The foundation is now working with authorities to find a permanent solution for the girl.

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