Thailand’s strange laws – 10 strange laws in Thailand


10 strange laws in Thailand you didn’t know were a thing! Thailand’s strange laws

Whacky laws you didn’t even know were a thing; we’re here to show you what

you should keep this in mind when travelling around Thailand.

We will warn you; these are a bit ‘out-there’ but don’t mistake these for strange

laws for jokes. They’re serious and could land you in jail!

1. Do Not Go Commando 10 strange laws in Thailand!s

One of the strangest laws in the land is that it is illegal to go out in public without

wearing underwear. There aren’t any stories of tourists or locals being arrested for

this offence, but make sure you have enough underwear for your trip. ‘How would

they know, though?’ We hear ya! Well, they wouldn’t know. Just make sure it’s

not a windy day and you’re wearing a floaty skirt or wide-leg shorts, that would be

a dead giveaway.

2. Wear a Shirt While Driving 10 strange laws in Thailand!

Thailand’s temperature can be hot, humid, and dry, which means many tourists tend

to roam without a shirt. However, if you have rented a vehicle to explore different

parts of Thailand, be sure you keep your clothes on so that you don’t get pulled

over by the police.

3. Don’t Step on Thai Currency 10 strange laws in Thailand!

Well, this strange law is easy to avoid, but being aware of your surroundings will

help you avoid any fines. No matter where you are in Thailand, walking the

beautiful night streets and pavements, or even heading to the beach, watch where you

step, as it is a crime to step on Thai currency. It’s seen as disrespectful to the King.

You are stepping on his face, after all! So please, never ever, ever step on money in

Thailand, ever!

4. Respect the Monarchy 10 strange laws in Thailand!

Lese Majeste is one of the oldest laws in Thailand that was introduced in 1908.

The law states that it is illegal to insult, defile or threaten the image of the royal

family in Thailand. If you are caught disrespecting the monarchy, you can be

jailed for up to 15 years and sometimes even more. So, make sure to avoid jokes or

any type of criticism about the royal family when visiting Thailand.

5. Do Not Litter 10 strange laws in Thailand!

Littering is a severe crime in Thailand, whether at the beach or city or walking

on the pavement. Now, this may not be a strange law, but the reason why this

stands out is that people caught end up paying a hefty fine or a year of jail time.

You can be fined up to 2,000 Baht if caught littering in the city by the members of

the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA). Keep in mind that there are some

scammers who claim to be BMA inspectors to extract more money from tourists.

Simply asking for their ID can clear any confusion and avoid being cheated.

6. Put the Microphone Down Thailand’s strange laws

Another strange and unique law in Thailand states that you can’t speak any language

other than Thai using a sound amplifying device such as a microphone. So if you

hear someone say “Mic test” or “Hello test”, you are witnessing a severe offence

that is punishable by up to a month in jail. Only religious ceremonies, state events and

concerts are exempt from this unique law.

7. Don’t Show Your Colors Thailand’s strange laws

When visiting different places, you probably like to carry your country’s flag with

you. But do you know it’s illegal to fly the flags of other countries in public in

Thailand? According to the 1979 Flag act, if you are caught waving or raising a

foreign flag, you could be sent to prison. Only embassies and diplomatic

residences are allowed to do so. Even if you show any kind of disrespect towards

the Thai flag or any other foreign flag, you can face jail time up to 2-6 years.

8. Care for a Game of Cards?

Owning more than 120 playing cards is illegal and could see you in prison for up

to 10 years and a hefty fine. You might think bout packing a deck of cards for the

flight or while you’re in Thailand, but according to the Playing Cards Act, 1943,

‘No person shall possess more than 120 playing cards. Well, that’s fine because a

deck of cards has 52, right? Well, yes, but you still need authorization from a

general to possess a deck of cards. Your fine could be four times the cost of the

cards. Best to leave them at home!

9. It’s illegal to remove Buddha statues or images from Thailand without a permit.

Clearly, this one is demonstrated more in the breach than in the observance but be

aware: you can be fined or even arrested and jailed if you stick a Buddha image or

statue in your luggage. It’s also considered bad taste by devout Buddhists to adorn

your house and garden with pictures and statues of Buddha.

10. Beware Where You Booze

Places of worship or temples, public offices, education institutions, gas stations,

hospitals, and public parks are all the places boozing tourists can expect (for the

most part) to receive a handful of months in prison if they drink. There are

exceptions to all of these places, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and consume

alcohol elsewhere. Without authorization, those who break this law can receive up

to six months of imprisonment and no more than a ฿10,000 fine.

So, which one surprised you the most? Which law would you have broken had you

not known? We were definitely surprised by the law against driving shirtless

and leaving the house, commando! While these laws may seem weird or strange, it

is what makes Thailand a unique and extraordinary vacation destination.

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