Thailand Video News | Tens of thousands of contraband Chinese elephant pants seized, Eva Air emergency landing in Bangkok/London flight

In this video, Alex and Jay capture recent news headlines across Thailand. From a distressing incident onboard an EVA Air flight to the issuance of health advisories due to measles outbreaks, and even incidents of theft and regulatory challenges, the news cycle offers a snapshot of global happenings. Meanwhile, the sporting arena saw remarkable feats, with Thailand seizing gold in unexpected realms.

A Bangkok/London flight required an emergency landing after passenger attempts self-harm

EVA Air flight BR67, operating a service from Bangkok to London via Taipei, had to make an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport after a distressing incident where a passenger attempted suicide in one of the cabin toilets. The crew was alerted to the situation when they noticed a bathroom was still occupied despite instructions for passengers to return to their seats for landing. Upon investigation, they found the man in a seriously distressed state with self-inflicted injuries. Immediate first aid was provided by the crew and an onboard doctor, stabilizing the man’s condition before he was hospitalized upon landing. The incident, confirmed by EVA Air and reported by the Sun, took place on March 15, with the flight landing slightly ahead of schedule. EVA Air offers daily flights between the Taiwanese capital Taipei and London, with a stopover in Bangkok.


The Thai embassy in Japan has issued a health warning following measles outbreaks in Japan

Following the confirmation of measles cases in Osaka, the Thai consulate in Osaka has issued a health advisory urging Thai nationals living or visiting the city to wear masks outdoors and while using public transportation. Osaka Prefecture has reported two new measles cases, increasing Japan’s total to eight, including cases in Tokyo. This resurgence is notable since Japan eradicated measles in 2015. The advisory is particularly significant due to one of the Osaka cases being detected in an individual who arrived from Abu Dhabi on February 24. Osaka is a popular destination for Thai travelers and hosts a large Thai community, highlighting the importance of this health alert


A Middle Eastern man was caught red-handed on camera stealing from a shop in Thailand

A grocery store in Ang Thong, Thailand, experienced a theft executed by a Middle Eastern man, captured on security footage. The incident, which took place around 11am on March 17, involved the man initially making a purchase with a 1,000-baht note, then requesting a refund, and subsequently tricking the employee, Anchisa Butsunthorn, into giving him change for the same note he had gotten refunded. He also stole additional products from the shop. Following the discovery of the theft through security camera footage, Anchisa and the store owner reported the incident to the police, where they learned of similar thefts by individuals of Middle Eastern descent in Ang Thong and Ayutthaya. To alert other businesses, they shared their story with Channel 7, highlighting a pattern of deceitful behavior targeting local shops.


Authorities have seized tens of thousands of contraband elephant pants from China

In Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thian district, Economic Crime Suppression Division officers raided a warehouse, seizing 30,000 elephant pants worth over 6 million baht, imported from China without paying taxes. The raid, spurred by a tip-off about tax evasion, found these pants intended for sale through online platforms. Elephant pants, popular among tourists and considered a symbol of Thai soft power, are originally crafted by local artisans. The unauthorized import infringes on intellectual property and undermines local economy and culture. The importer faces potential legal action for tax evasion. The incident highlights a broader issue where cheaper imports from China outcompete local Thai products, affecting local vendors despite the pants’ popularity. To celebrate regional uniqueness, provinces have introduced their own signature pants, including designs inspired by local fauna and culture, such as Korat cat pants and capybara pants from Khao Kheow Open Zoo, which sold out quickly. The case underscores the need for regulation to protect local interests and promote Thai culture.


Thailand’s plastic waste production is becoming a serious issue.

Bangkok’s canals, reminiscent of Venice, suffer from severe pollution due to ineffective waste management, with a Canadian-led NGO having collected over 1,000 tons of garbage in almost four years. Thailand produces 2 million tons of plastic waste a year but only manages to recycle 25% of it, partly because there’s no regulation for waste sorting and a heavy reliance on manual labor for waste collection and sorting. The situation worsened after the 2018 Chinese ban on foreign plastic imports, leading to a tenfold increase in plastic waste imports into Thailand. This influx benefited Thai plastic industry giants but harmed local waste collectors by decreasing the value of plastics. Moreover, illegal practices like burning imported waste have further polluted the environment. The Thai government intends to ban plastic waste imports by 2025 to better manage domestic waste and lessen its reliance on foreign waste. Meanwhile, local initiatives, such as repurposing plastic waste into fabric for monk robes, highlight efforts to shift societal views on waste and reflect the broader issue of foreign waste imports faced by Southeast Asian nations.


Thailand takes home the gold in this years… Hockey World Championship?

In its fourth World Championship appearance and first in this division after being promoted last year, Kyrgyzstan showcased a strong performance, notably after an initial loss to Thailand. They secured a series of victories, including a significant 7-3 win against Luxembourg, and a 7-5 win over Turkmenistan, where Mamed Seifulov, the tournament’s Best Forward, notably contributed with multiple goals, including hat tricks and shorthanded goals. Kyrgyzstan’s consistent performance, culminating in a 10-1 win against South Africa, underscored their successful campaign. Luxembourg, improving from last year’s fifth-place finish, clinched bronze with crucial wins, including an overtime victory against Mexico, led by Captain Colm Cannon’s key plays. Mexico, facing demotion after struggles in Division II Group B last year, garnered only one point, signaling further demotion. Turkmenistan and South Africa finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with South Africa securing a single win against Mexico. The tournament highlighted individual talents, strategic plays, and significant improvements for several teams.

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