Thai consulate issues warning after measles outbreak in Osaka

The Thai consulate in Osaka has issued a health advisory for Thai nationals residing or travelling in Osaka, following the confirmation of measles cases in the Japanese city. This advice includes wearing masks when outdoors or using public transportation.

The Osaka Prefecture has reported the discovery of two individuals infected with measles, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Japan to eight, inclusive of those identified in Tokyo. Notably, Japan successfully eradicated the disease in 2015, but the recent cases indicate a re-emergence.

The consulate revealed that one of the Osaka cases was detected on March 1, when an individual displayed symptoms after arriving in the city on February 24 from Abu Dhabi, aboard Etihad flight EY830.

Osaka is notably a favoured destination for Thai travellers and hosts one of the largest Thai communities in Japan. Therefore, the recent health advisory is of particular importance to this demographic, reported Bangkok Post.

Last week, the province of Buriram in Thailand issued a health warning over the threat of anthrax, a severe bacterial disease, following the identification of three cases in neighbouring Laos. The disease, which can spread from animals to humans, particularly through the consumption of raw bovine and buffalo meat, prompted heightened surveillance and precautionary measures.

The provincial livestock office, led by veterinarian Apichat Suwanchairob, emphasized the need for vigilance against anthrax, which has not been reported in Thailand for an extended period. The bacteria Bacillus anthracis causes severe symptoms in infected animals, and farmers are advised to seek veterinary assistance if they notice unusual lesions or behaviours in their livestock.

Meanwhile, last month, Thai doctor Thiravat Hemachudha sparked controversy when he shared information about the potentially fatal effect of the messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) Covid-19 vaccine, citing English YouTuber John Campbell.

Thiravat shared information from the English YouTuber, and retired nurse educator, Campbell, on Facebook on February 19. Thiravat talked about a white clot that was found in people and dead bodies with a history of the mRNA Covid vaccines.

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