Thailand Video News | Thailand halts extended alcohol sales hours citing safety concerns, friends turn foes in bizarre temple brawl in East Pattaya

For Thailand Video News today, Alex and Jay talk about the Thai government halting plans to extend the hours of alcohol sales due to rising road accidents. A brawl between two friends broke out near Huai Yai Temple in East Pattaya leaving them injured, while police in Khon Kaen are searching for a man reportedly masturbating in public repeatedly. Cyber police have seized 17 million Thai baht worth of e-cigarettes and a monk in Bangkok is being criticised for his luxurious lifestyle which he shared on Facebook. A monkey has raised concerns after being spotted by commuters on the railway tracks near Bang Wa BTS Station. A historic heat wave in the Philippines is worsening conditions for inmates in overcrowded prisons and Indonesia has announced a $38 billion plan to relocate their capital due to climate induced rising sea levels.

Thailand halts extended alcohol sales hours citing safety concerns

The Thai government has halted plans to extend alcohol sales hours due to rising road casualties and accidents. Public Health Minister Somsak Thepsutin emphasized public safety after a tense meeting. Current sales hours remain 11am-2pm and 5pm-midnight. A pilot project in tourist areas, extending sales by two hours, led to increased accidents and fatalities. Despite the firm stance, five draft laws on alcohol sales are still pending review. The Ministry of Tourism estimates significant revenue boosts if hours are extended, but safety concerns prevail. Authorities must balance tourism growth with public health priorities. 

Friends turn foes in bizarre temple brawl in East Pattaya

A bizarre brawl near Huai Yai Temple in East Pattaya left two friends critically injured. On June 18, a playful banter between 36-year-old Weerayut Chomthalak and 58-year-old Thongchai Tiendaeng escalated into violence. Weerayut, wielding a baseball bat, and Thongchai, armed with a knife, clashed, resulting in severe injuries. Eyewitnesses called emergency services, and Thongchai was detained by a bystander. He claimed he was provoked by Weerayut’s drunken behavior, while Weerayut insisted his jesting unintentionally sparked the altercation. Police are reviewing CCTV footage to ensure justice for both men.

Khon Kaen police hunt serial flasher

Police in Khon Kaen are searching for a man named Billy, 32, for repeatedly masturbating in public. He targeted at least four women, including a university student, a restaurant worker, and two young sisters. Incidents occurred on June 18 and 19, with Billy using a motorbike to approach his victims. He had been recently arrested for theft on June 4. CCTV footage has helped identify him, and police are now appealing for information on his whereabouts and his purple and black Honda Zoomer-X bike.

Cyber police seize 17 million THB worth of e-cigarettes

Cyber police in Thailand dismantled a major e-cigarette network, seizing over 80,000 items worth more than 17 million baht and arresting two suspects. The raids occurred at a warehouse in Nakhon Pathom and a house in Bangkok, uncovering large quantities of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The suspects, who claimed to be caretakers, are under investigation. Authorities highlighted the growing concern over e-cigarette use among students and urged parental education on the health risks. The suspects face charges of selling banned products and smuggling under the Customs Act.

Bangkok monk criticised for luxurious lifestyle

A Bangkok monk is facing backlash after a Facebook post revealed his lavish lifestyle, including the use of two high-end mobile phones, dining at a shabu restaurant, and purchasing a Cartier diamond bracelet for 185,000 baht. The post highlighted the monk’s indulgences, sparking criticism for contradicting Buddhist principles of simplicity and humility. The controversy has ignited widespread debate about materialism within the monastic community. While some defend the monk’s right to privacy, others argue his actions undermine the spiritual example expected of monks. The temple and religious authorities have yet to respond to the calls for action.

Monkey disrupts Bangkok BTS traffic

A monkey was spotted on the railway track at Bang Wa BTS Station in Bangkok, causing a stir among commuters. A video shared by Red Skull News showed the monkey walking along the track, prompting concerns about safety. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) is working to capture the animal to prevent accidents. Initial reports incorrectly suggested the monkey was from Lopburi, but DNP confirmed it was not, as Lopburi monkeys are tattooed for identification. The monkey’s presence was confirmed by a female university student who recorded the video while waiting for a train. Authorities are on alert to capture the monkey promptly.

Extreme heat worsens conditions in Philippine jails

A historic heat wave in the Philippines is exacerbating conditions in the country’s overcrowded jails, which are the fourth most congested globally. Temperatures surpassing 122 degrees have caused severe health issues among inmates, including boils, rashes, and heat-related illnesses. Overcrowding, a legacy of former President Duterte’s anti-drug campaign, forces some inmates to sleep on roof decks. The Supreme Court has ordered judges to inspect jails due to climate change impacts. Despite slight improvements under President Marcos Jr., significant policy changes are needed for long-term solutions. Advocates call for better ventilation and other measures to alleviate the extreme heat.

Indonesia’s $38 billion capital relocation faces delays

Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, home to over 10 million people, is sinking rapidly due to climate change and the swampy land it sits on. By 2050, experts predict that a third of Jakarta could be submerged. In response, Indonesia plans to relocate its capital to Nusantara on the island of Borneo, aiming to create a sustainable forest city, carbon-neutral by 2045, with an estimated cost of $38 billion. However, the project faces delays and higher-than-expected costs, with recent resignations of key team members. Convincing people to move remains a challenge, raising concerns about the project’s feasibility.

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