Cops hunt Khon Kaen w*nker: Serial flasher exposed on video

Photo via Khon Kaen Link and Amarin TV

Police are searching for a Thai pervert for repeatedly masturbating in public in front of a group of women in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen. The man was arrested for theft just a few weeks before the debauched incidents.

The depraved suspect, identified only as 32 year old Billy, is wanted by officers at Thapra Police Station in Khon Kaen after repeatedly masturbating in the area. At least four women fell victim to the pervert including a 21 year old university student, a 25 year old female restaurant worker, and a 16 year old girl and her younger sister.

The first indecency incident took place at the Bueng Nong Waeng Tra Choo Public Park at around 9pm on June 19. Billy arrived at the public park on his motorbike and called out to the 21 year old student. The woman thought the man wanted to ask her something, so she approached him.

Unfortunately, the man pulled his penis out of his trousers and began masturbating. The victim then screamed for help to her friends who were nearby and Billy fled from the scene.

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Another incident occurred on June 18 at around 10pm, involving a 25 year old woman at the restaurant where she worked. The woman noticed Billy parking his motorbike outside and initially thought he was a customer. However, Billy did not enter the restaurant and remained on his bike.

When the woman looked closer, she saw that Billy was masturbating. Upon realising he had been seen, Billy rode away but continued to masturbate as he left the area.

Previous theft

The 16 year old victim and her sister were harassed on their way home from school on a motorcycle. Billy followed them on his bike for more than 10 kilometres. On arriving at their house, Billy parked and told the girls “Your bra is beautiful.”

According to the girls, Billy masturbated twice in front of their house before he left. They were shocked and did not even dare to run away.

The village chief’s assistant, 46 year old Wilai Charnpanom, told the Khon Kaen Link news agency that she had collected CCTV footage from several locations where the incidents took place and handed it to police until officers were able to identify the offender.

Police said Billy had just been arrested for theft on June 4 after stealing a woman’s bag in the province on June 3. He used the same bike, a purple and black Honda Zoomer-X, to commit both crimes. Police are now searching for his bike and have appealed to locals who have seen the suspect to contact police.


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