Temple tragedy: Friends turn foes in bizarre brawl

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A brawl left two friends critically injured in a surreal spectacle opposite the serene Huai Yai Temple in East Pattaya.

Two friends turned their playful banter into a shocking duel on Tuesday, June 18. One of the men, 36 year old Weerayut Chomthalak was found at the scene with a severe head injury, bleeding profusely and possibly under the influence. His alleged assailant, 58 year old Thongchai Tiendaeng was also injured, limping conspicuously on his right leg.

The surreal clash erupted as Thongchai, wielding a knife, faced off against Weerayut, who had armed himself with a baseball bat. The confrontation, which began with playful jests, escalated into a violent altercation that drew a bewildered crowd. Eyewitnesses quickly called emergency services, their frantic calls punctuating the farcical yet tragic scene.

Thongchai was detained by a bystander until the police arrived. Despite the chaos, he managed to give his side of the story, claiming he was provoked by Weerayut’s drunken antics. In contrast, Weerayut, barely coherent, insisted his jesting had unintentionally sparked Thongchai’s fury.

The drama was further unravelled through CCTV footage, as Police Lieutenant Worawut Kittisirivoranan, Deputy Inspector of Huai Yai Police Station, assured that justice would be served for both participants in the scuffle, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, in a dramatic incident that captivated social media and sparked intense debate, three British tourists were violently assaulted by contracted guards following a heated argument over a bill on Pattaya Soi 6. The Pattaya police said there was nothing they could do about the brutal assault on the British men unless they came forward and lodged a complaint.

In other news, a brutal brawl erupted on Second Road in South Pattaya in the early hours of May 19, leaving an 18 year old Thai boy severely injured. The shocking altercation, which took place around 5am, saw the teenager suffer a deep cut on his neck, a gash above his left eyebrow, and numerous abrasions on his body.

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