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Phuket gunman with mental health illness commits suicide

A deranged gunman shot a male and female passenger on a Phuket-Phattalung minibus at 6.49am today.

According to a report on Channel 3, the incident happened just after the Phuket-Phattalung minibus departed from the bus terminal. After about a kilometre, the gunman opened fire and started shooting passengers around the Kuan Din Daeng curve on Thep Krasatthee Road in the Koh Kaew sub-district of Phuket.

A man and woman were shot and taken to hospital and nearly 10 passengers and the driver escaped the minibus and the gunfire.

Somyot Buakaew, the minibus driver reported that he heard a shooting sound and then a female passenger ran to him screaming for help

The gunman was later identified as a 30 year old former conscript soldier Nawin. He was reported to have a mental illness, but the details of his condition have not yet been reported.

Officers from Phuket Police Station spent over five hours trying to convince Nawin to surrender. At 11.11am, Nawin decided to commit suicide and shot himself inside the minibus.

Nawin’s suicide letter was later found at his house in Krabi province.


Alleged gambling kingpin’s lawyer surrenders rare Lamborghini to Thai police

After TV actress Arisara “Due” Thongborisut made allegations against her ex-boyfriend Benz Daemon and his three brothers for operating the illegal gambling website macau888 on Facebook last month, Thai police sought arrest warrants for several suspects and set out to seize the rare sportscar among other assets. However, after searching high and low, the police couldn’t find Benz’s Lamborghini, valued at 40 million baht.

But just recently, the ultrarare 40 million baht Lamborghini belonging to alleged macau888 gambling kingpin Benz Daemon has been handed over to Thai cyber police by the suspect’s lawyer and it’s complete with a new paint job.

Benz Daemon, who fled to Hong Kong, hasn’t returned to Thailand yet to face his charges but police say he is expected soon.

At 10am, lawyer Phisit Chutiphon delivered the only Lamborghini Mad Bull Liberty Walk Aventador V2 in Thailand, and one of only 50 in the world, to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau.

The car’s chaotic yellow, red, and black paint job has been replaced with a visually-smoother red and black look, but a handwritten message by the car’s manufacturer on the left window reveals the car’s true identity.

Lawyer Phisit said the Lamborghini is registered under the name of Benz’s younger brother.


US YouTubers face backlash after ‘uneducated Thai & Filipina women’ slur

The American female guests of an episode from the controversial DailyRagUpCrew YouTube channel are facing a backlash for their condescending attitudes toward foreign women. The boorish women were scathing of women from the Philippines, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, whom they dismiss as “uneducated” and lacking in proficiency in the English language.

During one segment of the program, the male hosts encouraged the female guests to express their views on the phenomenon known as “passport bros.” This refers to the notion that Western women have overly demanding standards in relationships, causing Western men to seek out foreign women instead.

The female guest, Simone, shared her opinion, and said that men such as passport bros like to get women from Dominican, Colombia, the Philippines and Thailand— which are women who can speak very little English, did not have an education or were raised to be wives.

The video caused outrage on Thai and Filipino social media, having celebrities like Vianccey from the Philippines and Thai Model Tia Taveepanichpan reacting to the video.


Airport arrival counters in Bangkok to be introduced after tourist increase

The Ministry of Transport decided to take action and address the issues faced by travellers at Suvarnabhumi Airport after a number of complaints.

More immigration counters will reduce crowding at the terminal and improve the overall experience for passengers. Additionally, steps will be taken to improve the efficiency of the taxi service counter and arrival check-in counter to reduce wait times. Measures will be put in place to ensure that luggage is delivered to passengers in a timely manner.

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob visited Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday to follow up on the improvement of those issues and investigate the availability of facilities at the airport. Saksayam made known to the public that more arrival counters were needed as the document-checking process was still low due to the increasing number of travellers. He said a small garden nearby the arrival counters would be transformed into 60 immigration counters which could serve 3,000 more travellers per hour. The construction process, though, would take about six months to be completed

The Airport of Thailand would also hire a supplier to operate one more baggage carousel from the former two lanes. Saksayam also added that taxi services should be increased to 3,800 cars per day.

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