Unhinged woman throws acid in court resulting in 3 injuries

An unhinged woman attacked a veterinarian with acid in court yesterday after blaming her for the death of her pet dog. The attack resulted in injuries to the vet and two other court officials.

A disagreement between a pet dog owner and a veterinarian led to a horrific acid attack yesterday at the Chaiyaphum Provincial Court in the Mueang district of the Isaan province in Thailand.

The attacker, Natthiyaporn, targeted Kanchana, a 30 year old female vet, with the corrosive substance. The attack resulted in significant injuries to Kanchana, including wounds to her face and right arm, and also affected two court officials who were nearby.

According to reports, the 25 year old had reached out to Kanchana’s clinic, expressing concern about her pet dog’s health. The clinic agreed to treat the animal and diagnosed it with a serious inflammatory bowel disease. Kanchana provided the dog with an injection and recommended further treatment, but Natthiyaporn declined due to financial constraints.

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Channel 7 reported that Natthiyaporn paid for the initial treatment and took the dog home, where it died a few days later.

This outcome led Natthiyaporn to lash out and blame the veterinary clinic for the dog’s death. She made phone calls to the clinic to voice her complaints and took to social media to spread her accusations.

Kanchana filed a formal complaint against Natthiyaporn after she took to social media to slander her. Consequently, Natthiyaporn was accused of breaking Section 328 of the Criminal Act which prohibits the act of insulting someone through advertising using documents, pictures, movies or messages. This offence carries a punishment of a maximum imprisonment term of two years and a fine of up to 200,000 baht.

Natthiyaporn also threatened to murder Kanchana, another vet in the clinic, and the officials in court. So, Kanchana submitted a document to the court to deny her bail request yesterday.

The messages Natthiyaporn posted before attending court circulated on social media. She said…

“I give you three days to withdraw the prosecution. If you don’t, I will kill all the participants at the court. You all annoy me! The bullets are not that expensive. I always take what I say seriously. If I say I will attack, I will do so. If I say I will kill, I will always kill.”

Following the rejection of her bail request, and the conclusion of the court hearing, Natthiyaporn became enraged and pursued Kanchana. She then hurled a bottle of acid at her, which she had concealed in her handbag.

A representative from the Chaiyaphum Provincial Court Marshal reported to the media that they had thoroughly searched and checked every individual before they entered the courtroom, but were unaware of how Natthiyaporn had managed to bring in the bottle of acid.

Natthiyaporn is currently being held in custody at the Chaiyaphum Provincial Court and will remain there until the next court hearing.

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