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Ninth measles victim in Yala, 3 remain critically ill

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Ninth measles victim in Yala, 3 remain critically ill | The Thaiger
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PHOTO: A mother holds her child as nurses at the Tambon Yala Health Promotion Hospital in Yala’s Muang district vaccinate him against measles yesterday. – Nakharin Chinnawornkomol

Another child has died as a result of complications from measles in Yala province yesterday morning.

This latest preventable fatality brings the number of deaths from the disease in the southernmost province to nine since June. The Yala Provincial Public Health Office head Dr Songkran Maichum announced the sad news to the media yesterday.

The Nation reports that three other children remain critically ill with measles at Yala Hospital. Admitting the disease outbreak in the province was “worrying”, he said his office aimed to have 7,000 at-risk children – especially those aged between five months and five years old – in Yala vaccinated by November 4.

He said the main reasons for the fatalities were that the patients had not been brought to hospital early enough, dying from subsequent health complications, and not been vaccinated at an early age. He also said the 8,000 doses of vaccines available were sufficient, though the office has requested for another batch of 3,000 doses.

Songkran noted that the most-affected districts were Yaha, Bannang Sata and Kabang in Yala province.

Health officials continued vaccinating young children against measles yesterday. Acting director of Tambon Yala Health Promotion Hospital, Nurse Thelma Doyor, led a team to vaccinate 15 children in Ban Pajo (Moo 3) in Muang district.

Aiming to cover the area’s 108 toddlers, the hospital will ask for additional doses to cover the rest by November 4, she said.

The hospital had previously vaccinated 35 children. Abdul-Roning Abdulloh, the imam of Ban Pajo Mosque, said he was inviting residents to have their children vaccinated, as he was able to confirm that it is acceptable for Muslims to receive the vaccine. He cited his previous consultation with many Muslim doctors about the vaccine, as some people were afraid that the vaccinations were not in accordance with halal principles.

The Imam added that he will tell people during the Friday prayer assembly that vaccines were necessary to protect young children. Songkran said officials giving the vaccines have been told to download a video clip featuring statements from the Sheikhul Islam Office and Provincial Islamic Committees saying this treatment is acceptable.

STORY: The Nation

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Monkeys drown in water tank after food and water shortage

Caitlin Ashworth



Monkeys drown in water tank after food and water shortage | The Thaiger

15 monkeys were found dead in a water tank yesterday in Songkhla, near the Malaysian border. The province’s long-tailed macaque monkeys are facing a food shortage due to the lack of tourists in the area. Officials say the monkeys found yesterday must have been thirsty when they jumped in the 3 metre deep tank and drowned.

There hasn’t been much rain in the area, and no natural water sources to speak of. The tank was initially covered, but the lid went missing. The locals plan to build concrete lids for the water tanks to ensure the incident doesn’t happen again. The monkeys live a few kilometres away around Khao Tung Kuan Hill, which is frequented by tourists. A Trip Advisor reviewer said locals call it “Monkey Mountain.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic and the international travel restrictions, monkeys in tourist spots are getting hungry. Tours in Songkhla were cancelled earlier this year. With no tourists, the monkeys in the area were getting little foods so villagers have been feeding the monkeys who had become reliant on human assistance with their daily food needs. The local mayor says there’s about 4,000 monkeys in the area.

And monkeys in Hua Hin have reportedly made their way into town, digging through trash, looking for food due to the lack of tourists feeding them.

SOURCES: Thai Residents | Trip Advisor | Khaosod English

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Woman in southern Thailand accused of murdering daughter

Maya Taylor



Woman in southern Thailand accused of murdering daughter | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Khaosod

A 54 year old woman, named by police as Prateep Chindawong, has been arrested for the murder of her 29 year old daughter in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Police say Chonthicha Jindawong was stabbed to death with a screwdriver.

Thai media reports say the accused had claimed her house was broken into and that the intruder killed her daughter as the young woman cried for help. The murder took place on April 11, with police working on the case since, trying to gather enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant.

Their suspicions were initially aroused when they discovered the window appeared to have been opened from the inside. One of the officers says this was done to give the impression someone had broken in.

“This must be done by someone who wanted to claim that an intruder broke into the house and killed her daughter.”

The murder is reportedly the result of a family dispute over the inheritance of a plot of land. Yesterday, the provincial court issued an arrest warrant for Prateep who is now in custody, charged with murder.

SOURCE: Thai Residents | Khaosod

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

National Covid-19 figures with 1 additional death (June 2)




National Covid-19 figures with 1 additional death (June 2) | The Thaiger
FILE PHOTO: Facebook@Richardbarrow

Today the Centre of Covid-19 Administration reported 1 new Covi-19 case and 1 addition death in Thailand. This takes the total number of infections to 3,085 and the accumulated death toll to 58.

The additional fatality was an 80 year old Thai man living in Narathiwat and the latest patient was a 32 year old male student who had recently returned from Saudi Arabia.

Dr Taweesilp, the familiar public face of the CCSA, says that “the student returned from Saudi Arabia via Malaysia, he entered the country through the Padang Besar land border checkpoint in Songkhla province on May 25 and was quarantined there.”

“He tested negative for the disease when he arrived but on May 30 he developed a mild fever and runny nose. Then on May 31 he tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a local hospital.”

“39 people have returned from Saudi Arabia through Malaysia and 8 of them have been confirmed infected. That forms 20.51% or a fifth of the total.”

“As for the fatality, it was a Thai man aged 80 who had asthma, On April 28 he went to a hospital in Sungai Kolok district in Narathiwat for a hip surgery. He was then taken to recuperate in a ward where another patient was later found infected with Covid-19.”

“The elderly man tested positive on May 9, as did his daughter and son-in-law, who visited him at the hospital.”

“The man was placed on a ventilator and received plasma on several occasions. He died of Covid-19-related pneumonia yesterday.”

“Infections in Sungai Kolok (border town on Malaysian border), including an earlier occurrence, resulted in a quarantine of 191 medical staff and relatives. The previous patient recovered and all of the quarantine medical personnel and relatives proved to be uninfected.”

Of the 3,083 accumulated cases, 2,960 have fully recovered. 1 additional patient has been released from hospital overnight, leaving 59 hospitalised. The average age of Covid-19 patients in Thailand has been 37, with the oldest 97 and the youngest a 1 month old baby.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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