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‘Wonderfruit’ so far – in pictures

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‘Wonderfruit’ so far – in pictures | The Thaiger


Wonderfruit music festival is taking place right now in Pattaya, and you should be there. Founded by Pranitan “Pete” Phornprapha alongside musician friend Montonn “Jay” Jira in December 2014 the festival prides itself in its go green attitude and pledge to social responsibility and raising awareness.

Photo: Mont LD Watanasiriroch (Facebook)

'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger

Photo:  Instagram/Bitoeysiam 

'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger

A blend of burning man and glastonbury, some festival go-ers like to dress the part.

Photo: Instagram/

'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger

When asked about his inspiration co-founder Pete has said:

“Back in 2012, it struck me what a great medium a festival would be to promote creative sustainability because everyone can relate to arts, music, and having fun.  That mindset grew into the ethos of Wonderfruit, which has informed everything we represent. All our content – from the venues and art installations to the farm and the activities you can do there, to the kinds of speakers we give a platform to – is inspired by the aspiration to be a catalyst for social change.”

Photo:  Instagram/JP Pemapsorn

'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger

Mesmerizing, captivating and often puzzling art can be found all over the site grounds.

Photo: Instagram/Anawar

'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger

As of 2017 the event has been certified as carbon neutral by the Thailand Greenhouse organization.

Photo:  Instagram/izezyizezyizezy

'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Its common to see public displays of creativity throughout the festival.
Photo: Instagram/Porpete
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Photo:  Instagram/Wharram Productions
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Photo:  Instagram/Bitoeysiam 
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Photo: Instagram/mik_framesth
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Night time just means the kids have to go bed.
Photo: Instagram/ Sweetrika
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Photo: Nong Nim (Facebook)
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Photo: Instagram/aofsod 
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Photo: Instagram/Namwanwann 
'Wonderfruit' so far - in pictures | News by The Thaiger
Wonderfruit Festival is taking place now until the December 16 2018 at the Siam Country Club in Pattaya.

SOURCE: CityNomads 

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Siam Songkran Festival lights up this year’s Songkran in Bangkok

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Siam Songkran Festival lights up this year’s Songkran in Bangkok | The Thaiger

Sick of running around Bangkok with your 200 baht Tesco water pistol? Combine the annual water festival with a world class music festival instead.

Welcome to Siam Songkran, Thailand’s newest four-day Songkran festival set to be held April 12 – 15 at Bangkok’s largest city centre entertainment zone, SHOW DC Arena.

A time of tradition, Songkran is also a time of fun with family and friends, and Siam Songkran is set to blend Thai and Western cultures with a packed music and entertainment program and the largest water fight in Bangkok.

Held over four days with four outdoor zones and two huge stages showcasing live music from the biggest acts in Thailand and around Asia. Headliners include Yellow Claw, Afrojack, Coone and Crisis Era, while many others will perform such as Dolf, Zatox, Darren Styles and more.

#SIAMSongkran tickets can be purchased online at and range from 1,500 baht for a single day pass, to 6,400 baht for a VIP 4 Day Pass. For those looking for the ultimate festival experience, special VVIP Packages are available from 100,000 baht (for 6 pax) to 385,000 baht – the first festival pack with a pool suite.

Powered by SHOW DC, Clubbing Asia, One and Zaap, Siam Songkran will take place April 12 – 15 at SHOW DC.

Siam Songkran Festival lights up this year's Songkran in Bangkok | News by The Thaiger

Link for further details HERE.

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BTS launch their new album on April 12, appear on Saturday Night Live the next day. Why this matters.

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BTS launch their new album on April 12, appear on Saturday Night Live the next day. Why this matters. | The Thaiger

The music business is about to have another one of those seismic shifts in the next month as the power of the music business continues to dribble away from western record company influences to a more democratic, social media-driven, business model.

In the past two years, mainly, a small South Korean production house has re-tooled the massive world music business (and it is, first and foremost a ‘business’) with one product.

Bangtan Sonyeondan, better know around the world simply as BTS.

The seven members of the K-Pop phenomenon (and the word phenomenon is aptly applied in this case) actually debuted in 2013 after forming originally in 2011, but they’re hardly an overnight success with real struggles threatening their success along the way. The BTS that writes, produces and performs in 2019 is a slick, highly professional performance and business unit that has, mostly by design, completely rejigged the fatally-wounded ‘old’ music business model. From a try-hard hip hop band to world-class music artists is a fascinating journey in the annals of the modern music business.

Also consider they’ve done this singing, mostly, in Korean.

Whilst the record companies continue to roll out the ‘oldies’ with another Greatest Hits compilation, or interpret their 70s and 80s heroes on the big screen (another guarantee to boost flagging music sales and downloads), there is some light at the end of the music tunnel which gives us hope of some great tunes ahead.

From first impressions the septet of BTS are just another fresh-faced boyband with catchy hooks, hair tosses and screaming fans – we’ve seen it all before, right? Except that they’re South Korean in a white-washed music world.

But behind the facade is some raw talent, a highly skilled back-room and the use of social media as a jack-hammer, not just a tool. After charting two of their albums at #1 in the Billboard Hot 200 last year, a first for a Korean band, appearances on the American Music Awards, the Grammies, Ellen, all the popular Tonight Shows, the front cover of TIME and a series of sell-out concerts around the US, the seven young men are about to take the next big step, and it will be big.

Days after BTS announcing their forthcoming Map of the Soul: Persona album coming April 12, they also announced they are appearing on SNL, Saturday Night Live, (NOT Donald Trump’s favorite TV show) the day after.

Saturday Night Live announced that BTS will make their musical debut with Emma Stone, a self-declared K-pop fan, on the April 13 episode.

SNL is a highly coveted stage for any performer and has the ability to bring an artist to new heights of their career. A pre-fame Adele performing in a 2008 episode went on to the highest-rated episode in 14 years and sent her 19 album to new highs on the charts.

BTS, although still in their early to mid-20s, are already seasoned live and television performers. There would be more BTS live YouTube clips on the net than any other performer, period. They know the performance craft and how to play an audience. The sales of their music speaks for itself, their YouTube click numbers are astonishing. Type ‘BTS’ into Google and you get 490,000,000 results!

BTS launch their new album on April 12, appear on Saturday Night Live the next day. Why this matters. | News by The Thaiger

And that’s part of the magic formula that separates them from just about every previous band. Whilst using social media is nothing new, BTS has amassed an enormous world-wide audience of music downloaders, ticket and merchandise buyers and sheer screaming hordes beyond anything previously attainable. And there’s a lot more to come as the fan base spreads out of Asia into the rest of the world.

Of course it’s easy to say the band came along at the right time, given the rise and rise in social media’s impact on our lives. But they’ve been first band to really harness the power in ways most other bands never even thought about.

Their fanbase is called ‘Army’, an appropriate name given the onslaught on music fandom around the globe. That the enormous fanbase started in Asia and is spreading westward is something we’ve not seen before.

BTS also deliver a different message aimed squarely at their peers and not with the same gloss and sheen of most other K-Pop. It’s sometimes raw, always relevant, reflecting their own battles and scars as young people growing up in a complex world. They cry, they share their fears, they argue on their videos, they’re humble – it’s very different.

The BTS-on-SNL program will be, easily, the biggest audience the show will EVER have, not by a little, by a LOT. That’s quite an easy prediction given BTS’s chart history, their YouTube viewer numbers, their growing appeal and the sell-out concerts, around the world.

For a crash course in BTS, check out this video (below). There are also thousands, yes thousands, of other videos apart from their award-winning music videos as well. Such is the power of Army, the power of social media, the power of good music well performed, and the hope that cream always, eventually, rises to the top.

The Saturday Night Live episode airs in the US on April 13.

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Another Yong bites the dust – K-Pop in crisis

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Another Yong bites the dust – K-Pop in crisis | The Thaiger

Another K-pop star has been forced to quit their band after admitting he watched sex videos received from another idol. 29 year old Yong Jun-hyung is the third singer to be engulfed in the scandal sweeping South Korea’s squeaky clean music industry.

The member of boy band Highlight, formerly known as B2ST, admitted that he watched a video of singer Jung Joon-young having sex with women taken without their consent.

30 year old Jung was questioned by police after admitting he shared the footage with other men, including mega K-pop star Seungri, who is also embroiled in a sex-for-investment criminal investigation.

Both Seungri, a member of boy band BigBang, and Jung, have announced their retirement from show business earlier this week.

Yong “has watched the footage and had an inappropriate conversation with another artist,” the singer’s agency Around Us Entertainment said in a statement. They also announced that Yong will leave the band Highlight today.

South Korea has been battling a growing epidemic of so-called “molka”, or spycam videos, mostly of women, secretly filmed by men.

As well as secretly filming women in schools, toilets and offices, “revenge porn”, videos men take of themselves having sex with their exes or partners filmed without the women’s consent, is believed to be equally widespread.

Yong, who has also worked as a record producer and actor, previously denied allegations that he had been involved in the ongoing K-pop sex scandal.

Thousands of women protested in Seoul last year on several occasions against spycam and revenge porn videos, as part of the north Asian country’s ongoing #MeToo movement.

Another Yong bites the dust - K-Pop in crisis | News by The Thaiger

Highlight, formerly known as B2ST

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