Butterbear: Thai mascot goes viral with K-Pop dance craze

A Thai mascot named Butterbear has captured hearts far beyond its homeland, becoming an international sensation with travellers from China and Korea flying in to witness its adorable dance moves. The bear, dressed in traditional Thai attire, has taken social media by storm with its minimal yet captivating dance routines.

Butterbear, the endearing mascot from a famous Thai confectionery brand, has become a viral hit, with a dance video racking up 4.7 million views. The mascot, donning a Thai costume complete with a garland, captivated Korean social media users with its K-Pop dance moves.

One Twitter user from Korea shared a clip with the caption praising Butterbear’s cute, plump figure and minimalist dance moves, which perfectly complement each other. The post sparked a frenzy, with many Korean social media users falling for the charming bear.

In a follow-up to the craze, another Korean user posted a video doubling the cuteness factor with a hippopotamus mascot joining Butterbear. The caption suggested that the adorable quotient is complete with the hippo mascot dancing alongside.

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The bear’s gentle moves coupled with the hippo’s energetic performance create a perfectly balanced and delightful spectacle.

The mascot hails from Butterbear, a new brand under the Coffee Beans by Dao group, which has popularized items like bread, mochi-doughnut hybrids, and a variety of canned drinks. The brand, with its slogan “a very buttery welcome to our world,” has seen its products flying off the shelves, but the Butterbear mascot has garnered equal fame.

Cute bear

Chinese social media users also shared clips of the cute bear, extending its popularity to international shores and prompting foreign tourists to visit Thailand just to meet the mascot.

Fans from all over the globe flock to see Butterbear whenever it makes an appearance, turning the sweet little bear into a new celebrity. Those eager to witness Butterbear’s charming dance can visit the Butterbear pop-up booths located at various shopping centres in Thailand.

The booths are scheduled at Emsphere Mall on the ground floor, Samyan Mitr Town on the ground floor, and Central World on the 7th floor, with dates ranging from February 12 to May 13, 2024, according to the Western calendar.

The mascot’s success story demonstrates the power of cultural fusion, combining the appeal of Thai culture with the modern allure of K-Pop, creating a blend that resonates with people across different countries.

Butterbear’s impact on social media and its ability to draw international attention is a testament to the brand’s innovative approach to marketing and the universal language of cuteness.

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