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Cancer Insurance


Aside from purchasing health insurance to cover common health issues and emergencies, many don’t realise that a cancer diagnosis could mean that they will be paying for treatment out of pocket. As many health insurance companies don’t cover or partially cover cancer treatments, it is important to think of possible future health issues.

At The Thaiger, we care about your health, so we’ve partnered with Tadoo to provide you with the best cancer insurance coverage available, so you can rest assured that your policy will protect you when you need it most.

Cancer insurance is designed to help people afford the high costs of cancer care.

But, who should be looking at such critical illness insurance? And what reasons would you need to purchase a cancer health plan?

If you are genetically predisposed to cancer, it is a good idea to prepare for the possibility that you may be diagnosed with cancer in the future. Thus, if cancer runs in your family, purchasing cancer insurance will help you better deal with a future diagnosis. Tadoo has a variety of plans, which will provide you with a lump-sum payment of up to 750,000 THB upon filing a claim. Regardless of the stage of cancer, you will be covered under this policy in accordance with the coverage amount. Cancer treatment alone is expensive and even if your prognosis is positive, having cancer insurance will make sure your treatment is covered.

What does cancer insurance cover?

Cancer insurance usually covers tests, drugs, treatments, lengthy hospital stays, co-pays, deductibles, child care, food assistance, transportation and accommodation for out-of-home treatment. Additionally, it covers visits to out-of-network hospitals if the need arises. And, there is no medical check-up required to purchase such a plan.

Who can be insured?

-Thai nationalities, aged 1-65 can be insured

-Any stage of cancer

-Thai Families with an unlimited number of unmarried children between 1-22 years old can receive coverage

Who is excluded from coverage under the plans?

-Those who have been diagnosed with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS-related conditions, a positive blood test, and/or Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

-A pre-existing condition of cancer

-Cancer diagnosed or discovered in the first 90 days of the initial policy year

For those wanting to purchase cancer insurance for themselves or a loved one, can simply apply online through the link below:

Note: After receiving a confirmation of your purchase, a policy will be emailed to you and your coverage will start immediately. Upon renewal every year, we offer a 30 day grace period for premium payments.

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