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Protect yourself and your loved ones from cancer and the financial hardship it may cause.

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Why choose the Thaiger?

Thinking about or dealing with cancer can be stressful, and finding the right type of insurance can be overwhelming. Here at the Thaiger, we can help find the right cancer insurance for you fuss-free. We’ll do all the legwork, so you don’t have to.

What is Cancer Insurance?

Cancer insurance is a form of supplemental health insurance designed to help people afford the high costs of cancer care. It’s a part of critical illness insurance. Cancer insurance is typically recommended for people who have a genetic predisposition to cancer.

Cancer benefits can be paid out as a lump sum to the patient or fixed sums to pay for treatments such as chemotherapy after a diagnosis. Cancer insurance usually includes tests, drugs, and treatments, as well as visits to out-of-network hospitals, lengthy hospital stays, co-pays and deductibles, child care, food assistance, and transportation and accommodation for out-of-home treatment.

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Benefits of Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance provides numerous benefits that will come in handy when you’re diagnosed with cancer and/or need cancer treatment. Below are some of the benefits.

Future Security

If cancer runs in your family, getting cancer insurance will help you better deal with the situation.

Support When You Need It

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are covered up to a limited amount if your cancer progresses.

Coverage for Every Stage

Regardless of the stage of cancer, you will be covered for your medical expenses.

Coverage That Adapts

If you are diagnosed early, you may be eligible for half of the insurance amount. The coverage is flexible and adapts to your current condition.

Full Payout at an Advanced Stage

If your condition is detected as advanced, you can earn 100% of your insured sum right away. Note that this depends on the insurer.

Reasons you need to buy a cancer insurance policy

Cancer insurance is quickly becoming a new fad. This insurance plan was introduced in response to the increasingly rising rate of cancer diagnoses around the world, as well as the skyrocketing cost of cancer treatment and care. If you are ever diagnosed with cancer, cancer insurance is a specialized insurance program that has minimal coverage.
Here are a few reasons why you would want to invest in this form of strategy, given the world’s increasingly rising cancer rate.

Cancer runs in your family history

A family history of cancer raises the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer later in life. If you have a family history of cancer, purchasing a cancer insurance policy might be advantageous.

Insufficient financial back up

In the event of a medical emergency, having enough financial reserves makes a significant difference. Getting a cancer insurance policy as a backup would not only cover the cost of your care but will also help you to become financially secure so that you can cover your medical expenses.

Using cancer insurance as a supplementary for your current policy

Knowing if you have a family history of cancer, you would want to get a comprehensive health care package that is more cost-effective and will meet your financial needs right away. As opposed to a standard health insurance plan, choosing a cancer-specific insurance plan can be more beneficial if you have to pay lower premiums.

The high cost of cancer treatment

Many factors will determine the cost of cancer like the stage of cancer when it was diagnosed: early, major, advanced or critical; the cost of the hospital, duration of cancer treatment, recurrence of the disease, loss of income and extent of insurance cover already available. cancer insurance plan takes care of all these expenses and secures your life financially.

Insurance plans cover almost all types of cancer

Almost all types of cancer are protected by cancer insurance, with the exception of skin cancer. The claim would be rejected if the cancer was caused by a sexually transmitted disease like AIDS or HIV. A cancer insurance policy would not cover you if you have a pre-existing condition. This policy has a waiting period that requires the submission of bills in order to receive claims. Cancer insurance is a valuable asset that protects you from massive debt if you are diagnosed with the disease.

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The thaiger has done an outstanding job of providing my insurance plan and walking me through every step along the way. I highly recommend using this service!

Tobias Konna


The buying procedures with Thaiger was actually pretty good and smooth. Online quotes from several providers all helped me select the right service without having to negotiate with any of them one by one. The officer completed the survey on the phone for a few minutes. Overall I was not pressured to buy the policy, it was a simple and easy process.



Was sent a quote very fast and finished the process in just a few day.

Prasit Taisriwattana


Customer service was incredibly friendly and professional. They answered all my questions and put in an good effort.

Lennox E.


Appreciated the clear explanations of the services and the information given to me. I have already enquired for this insurance. Thank you.

Michale Ponley


My representative was extremely supportive and knowledgeable. He helped me understand a difficult topic and identifed a plan that worked for me!

A. Suleiman

Cancer Insurance Plans

A wide range of cancer insurance plans are available to help you should you get diagnosed with cancer. You can choose the one to fit your needs and budget. Each plan offer different benefits and premiums. In some cases, you may combine them.

A cancer diagnosis can change everything, but cancer treatment insurance can help. This policy provides cash for covered care and costs due to cancer treatment. It can help you with numerous cancer treatments, from hospitals stays and surgeries to radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

This type of cancer insurance is built to provide you with the financial assistance you need to face any obstacles that might arise and to ensure you’ll have complete coverage no matter what stage of cancer you’re in.

Key Points:

  • For anyone aged 18 to 99 years.
  • May be renewable for life.
  • Covers a range of treatment and care, such as hospitalisation, surgery, rehabilitation, as well as treatments such as chemotherapy, transplants, and radiation therapy.

We understand that what affects you will influence your loved ones as well. With this type of cancer insurance, the financial burden will be reduced since you’re provided with a cash lump-sum payment, regular hospital income, and death compensation if required. As a result, you and your loved ones will be able to concentrate on each other.

You can choose to use the cash benefit however you want, including to help you cover rehabilitation, prescription drugs, experimental therapy, and extended hospital stays. You can also use it to pay everyday expenses and monthly bills, such as mortgage or rent, childcare, groceries, housekeeper, and basically everything else you might need while focusing on getting well.

Key Points:

  • For anyone aged 18 to 99.
  • May include coverage for your dependents.
  • The cash lump sum is paid if you’re diagnosed with covered cancer.
  • May be renewable for life.

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer is one of life’s most difficult experiences. Our comprehensive insurance can provide you with the best possible financial resources to have the best possible chance of recovery, no matter what stage you are in the process.

Key Points:

  • Early-stage support, so you can start your treatment as soon as possible.
  • If your cancer becomes advanced, your coverage may increase.
  • Should the worst happen to you, your loved ones will always be financially supported.

Anyone can get cancer, so making sure you are protected is crucial.

My family has a history of cancer, which increases my risk of developing one as well. That’s why I got cancer insurance to protect my family and me, especially since I am the sole wage earner. I didn’t realise how complicated it is to choose the right cancer insurance from the right company! The Thaiger helped a lot throughout the process. They were always ready to answer my questions. They helped me choose the best insurance for my needs and budget!

Top tip: There is no better way to find the right options for your needs than to consult with the Thaiger.

What Does Cancer Insurance Cover?

Coverage amounts vary for each plan and insurer. However, most cancer insurance policies pay for the following:

– Hospital stays.
– Doctor visits.
– Prescription drugs.
– Chemotherapy.
– Radiation.
– X-rays.
– Surgery.
– Nursing.
– Blood transfusions.
– Ambulance rides.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Cancer Insurance with the Thaiger

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Cancer Insurance Policy

There are numerous things you need to consider before purchasing a cancer insurance policy to ensure that you are fully protected.


It takes a lot of money to get treated for cancer, so you need to look for a plan with extensive coverage. Make sure to choose a plan that covers extensive chemotherapy and expensive drugs in addition to the basic coverage features, such as pre and post hospitalisation expenses.

Waiting Period

A waiting period is the amount of time you have to wait before the policy starts the coverage. It is wiser to choose a plan that offers the least waiting period. The usual waiting period is 3 to 6 months.

Premium Waivers

Numerous cancer insurance plans waive off the premium on the diagnosis. To buy a plan with the most benefits, choose the one with premium waivers since it can help your family. At such a stressful time, they will not be required to pay the premium.


Read carefully about the exclusions under your chosen Cancer Insurance plan before purchasing it. Make sure the coverage you need is not excluded from the plan.

Parkinson’s Disease

An individual with Parkinson’s disease should have health insurance that covers hospitalisation, major medical care, and a wide range of prescription drugs. People with Parkinson’s disease should think about getting benefits for in-home nursing care or nursing facility care. The insurance is designed to cover you and your family from being solely responsible for the costs of Parkinson’s disease-related healthcare services. The majority of people get health care from their employer or through a family member’s employer.

Frequently asked questions about cancer insurance

Although there are several limitations, it normally covers some of the costs of cancer care. If cancer runs in your family, a higher premium could be worth to have the assurance that all cancer treatments will be covered by insurance.

Cancer benefits will cover co-pays, deductibles, lengthy hospital stays, laboratory testing, drugs and treatments, child care, travel and living expenses, missed income, and other medical and non-medical costs.

Prices for cancer care differ depending on the type of treatment used, such as surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiotherapy. Price differences are often influenced by the type of cancer. However, it is noted that costs in public hospitals are typically 30-40% lower than in private hospitals.

The leading public cancer care in Thailand are as follows:

-National Cancer Institute of Thailand: The leading national institution for cancer control and patient care

Siriraj Cancer Center: Provides comprehensive cancer care and treatment by a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists

-Division of Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: Thailand’s leading cancer centre provides a world-class standard of care

-Ramathibodi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mahidol University, Faculty of Medicine

-Ramathibodi Hospital: Cancer specialists are dedicated to providing cancer patients with the best possible treatment and quality of care

The leading private cancer care in Thailand are as follows:

-Wattanosoth Hospital: Bangkok Cancer Hospital: With 10 years’ experience as a private dedicated cancer care institution in Thailand

-BNH Hospital: For Onco-Gynecology, BNH has established a partnership with Chulalongkorn and MD Anderson from the USA. MD Anderson is one of the most reputable cancer centres in the UK.

-Bumrungrad Hospital: The renowned hospital is JCI-accredited and treats 1.1 million patients annually across a number of illnesses,

-Bangpakok International 9 Hospital: The multi-disciplinary care hospital offers an extensive range of procedures with an internationally-trained medical team

-Oncology Center Phyathai2 Hospital: Offers comprehensive medical services starting from diagnosis to effective cancer treatment provided by well-known medical teams and trained nurses

All forms of cancer are covered, with the exception of skin cancer.

You may be as young as one year old and as old as 55 years for a new policyholder. The service is then renewable until the member hits the age of 70.

It’s really easy. All you have to do is fill out an application and include a copy of your identity.

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