Promoting sustainable tourism at Blue Tree Phuket: Initiatives and impact

Blue Tree Phuket has been offering experiences that are both fun and environmentally conscious for many years. The comprehensive entertainment hub and waterpark has implemented numerous programs to enhance the sustainability of its practices, with its most recent endeavour being the adoption of the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) standard in all aspects of its operations to contribute to Thailand’s long-term sustainability. They are focusing on three key areas: Energy, Water, and Waste.

So, how does Blue Tree Phuket integrate ESG into its operations and what are the challenges they face? Let’s take a look.

Energy: Efficient energy usage and transition from fossil fuels to renewable electric power

Promoting sustainable tourism at Blue Tree Phuket: Initiatives and impact | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Lifestyle Village


When you visit Blue Tree Phuket, you’ll immediately see for yourself their mission to save energy and use it better. The entertainment hub has set up special solar panels on the roofs of their Lifestyle Village buildings. These panels generate 185 megawatts of energy, which accounts for 8.5% of their total energy consumption. But Blue Tree Phuket is not stopping there. They’re planning to add even more of these panels in the near future, so they can keep using cleaner energy.

Moreover, Blue Tree Phuket has also switched the transportation method for visitors. Instead of using regular vehicles, they’ve got Electric Tuk-Tuk vehicles (EVs). Plus, they run electric rickshaws inside their area. These eco-friendly electric vehicles are aimed at reducing air pollution and decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, they have plans to set up electric vehicle charging stations in the Lifestyle Village parking lot.

Water: Water management technologies to reduce resource consumption and ensure chemical safety

Promoting sustainable tourism at Blue Tree Phuket: Initiatives and impact | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Blue Tree

Blue Tree Phuket’s famous Blue Tree Lagoon, a sprawling oasis spanning over 17,000 square metres, is truly breathtaking. And the sparkling blue water is not only stunning but also environmentally friendly.

The water park has gone above and beyond by implementing cutting-edge technologies such as underwater cleaning robots to ensure a more sustainable approach and to minimise the need for manual labour. Their water treatment system is top-of-the-line, using significantly fewer chemicals compared to traditional pools–up to 100 times less! Plus, their energy-saving filtration system, known as Crystal Lagoon Technology, is over 98% more efficient than older models, keeping their environmental footprint small.

To further conserve water, Blue Tree Phuket has also introduced high-tech sensor faucets and handwashing stations all around, cutting down on wasteful water usage. And to ensure their green space stays lush and vibrant, they’ve installed rainwater reservoirs to collect water for watering plants.

Waste: Sorting, recycling, and reducing single-use plastics

Promoting sustainable tourism at Blue Tree Phuket: Initiatives and impact | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Product from Precious Plastic project via Blue Tree Phuket

In addition to energy and water, Blue Tree Phuket is also deeply committed to waste management. This makes it easy for both visitors and employees to play their part in keeping the environment clean. They have set up special areas where waste can be sorted into recyclable and general categories and encourage everyone to pitch in. Moreover, they sell any recyclable waste, and the proceeds go back to their hardworking staff every year.

So, how do they recycle their plastic waste? Well, their first initiative is through their Precious Plastic project. With this project, they’re turning unused plastic into cool new products like glass coasters and woven bags, all while spreading awareness about plastic pollution. Additionally, they also partner with Ocean For All to create plastic-free boats to clean up marine debris around Phuket’s islands.

Promoting sustainable tourism at Blue Tree Phuket: Initiatives and impact | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Reusable water bottles

Blue Tree Phuket is also serious about reducing plastic waste, which is why plastic water bottles are a no-go in their dining areas. Instead, they use biodegradable food packaging made from sugarcane and wooden cutlery. Plus, any leftover food goes to local animal farms as feed. They also have plans to compost their food scraps to make fertiliser down the line.

Another way Blue Tree Phuket reduces their plastic waste is by using natural materials. For example, bamboo is a key material in their décor, not only because it looks great but also because it’s eco-friendly and supports the local economy. Furthermore, their open design creates a breezy and relaxing atmosphere while also saving electricity by improving air circulation.

The challenge of implementing sustainability programs

Blue Tree Phuket
PHOTO: Waste separation at Blue Tree Phuket

Implementing sustainability in an entertainment hub as big as Blue Tree Phuket is not easy, and they have encountered several challenges along the way. One major hurdle has been the cost of sustainable options for its operation. Eco-friendly alternatives often come at a higher price compared to conventional items. To address this, their purchasing team orders sustainable items in bulk whenever possible to reduce costs. Additionally, they offer tenants the opportunity to join their orders sot they can get better deals through shared purchasing.

Another challenge that Blue Tree Phuket faced was waste separation in public areas. Initially, the entertainment hub implemented a waste bin system with three categories: general, recyclable, and biodegradable. However, they discovered that there was minimal biodegradable waste, leading to confusion among visitors. In response, they adjusted the bin system to two categories, including general and recyclable. This simplifies the process for both guests and staff. Furthermore, dedicated staff members were assigned to separate the trash before municipal pickup so they can maintain proper waste management practices.

Blue Tree Phuket
PHOTO: Waste separation at Blue Tree Phuket

Based on their experiences, Blue Tree Phuket offers valuable advice to other entertainment hubs and resorts looking to adopt similar sustainability practices. They emphasise the importance of carefully assessing current operations to identify areas for improvement and sustainability integration. They start with small changes and gradually working towards larger goals. Additionally, they stress the importance of involving stakeholders and garnering their understanding and cooperation, as sustainability practices require collaboration from everyone involved.

Visit Blue Tree Phuket, and see for yourself how their commitment to sustainability runs deep. Located at 4, 2 Srisoonthorn Rd, Blue Tree Phuket is the perfect destination for families and friends to have fun together. Secure your tickets through Blue Tree Phuket’s website today!


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