How Blue Tree Phuket is helping businesses build better teams

PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket

Transforming the way businesses build their teams, Blue Tree Phuket now offers team-building services to B2B business groups. The initiative utilises their spacious environment and their expertise in fostering individual growth in organisations.

More than just an entertainment centre

PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket
PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket is an all-encompassing entertainment complex. It boasts more than 55.35 acres of green area and state-of-the-art facilities. And today, it’s extending its service range. Characteristically, Blue Tree now sets its sights on B2B business groups, offering them an arena for team-building activities.

Recognised as a strategic tactic for organisational development, team building serves to boost employee performance. And in Blue Tree’s proficient hands, each service is custom-designed, enhancing skills, nurturing relationships, and fully utilising the complex’s versatile space. Capable of housing up to 500 participants, Blue Tree Phuket promises an exceptional experience that combines enjoyment with a unique professional edge.

Bo Johan Wallen, the General Manager of Blue Tree Phuket, emphasises the unique dual-purpose design of their expansive entertainment centre. Not only is it created for fun, but it also serves as a platform for team-building services. Wallen said…

“Aside from being a comprehensive entertainment centre, Blue Tree Phuket stands out for its capacity to offer a new and distinctive team-building service. With our professional team, we offer various tailor-made programs that effectively develop individuals within each organisation. Our spaces are well-equipped, allowing us to utilise their full potential. We prioritise safety while creating enjoyable activities that provide a unique experience,”

How Blue Tree Phuket is helping businesses build better teams | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket

Wallen further adds that they’re welcoming both small and large businesses to benefit from their services…

“We have now expanded our customer base to include both small and large businesses, such as hotels, companies, and various organisations. We aim to promote and support entrepreneurs in search of suitable venues and expert teams to effectively develop their organisations. Starting from the basics, we focus on improving relationships within the organisation, fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and cultivating a positive work attitude with strong personnel, the organisation will grow in quality,”

Expansive spaces and expertise

PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket
PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket

When it comes to space, Blue Tree Phuket truly excels. The complex sits on a vast 55.35 acres of land. It’s adorned with lush greenery and serene recreational spots. A captivating blue Crystal Lagoon, which stretches over 17,000 square meters, also resides here. This striking lagoon not only adds to the beauty, but also serves as a central landmark. Thus, making Blue Tree an outstanding location for diverse events.

The cornerstone of Blue Tree’s team-building offering is undeniably the expertise of their skilled professionals. With the ability to curate diverse programmes tailored to developing individuals across a range of professions, their team can transform any team-building event. For instance, they strategically target shattering behavioural barriers with their “Ultimate Survivor Extreme” activity.

How Blue Tree Phuket is helping businesses build better teams | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Blue Tree Phuket

Their professional team, under the banner “Blue Tree Sports and Entertainment”, boasts a formidable track record with over 20 years of experience in customer service. In addition, Blue Tree has an assembled team of sports coaches. They specialise in a variety of disciplines including triathlon, swimming, Muay Thai, football and cricket. The blend of these specialties results in diverse programmes. These programmes aim to enhance personal development, foster teamwork and provide enjoyable and creative training experiences.

Wallen reassured…

“Based on our experience in successfully providing more than 50 team-building events in the past two years, we are confident in our readiness in terms of venue and expert team to deliver efficient organisational development experiences. Additionally, any organisation can participate in the planning and development of games and various activities in collaboration with our team at Blue Tree Phuket, catering to specific needs and contributing creative ideas. There are no limitations in our versatile spaces.”

Special year-end promotion

As part of their growth strategy, Blue Tree Phuket is offering a year-end promotion for team-building services. This special offer is available at a reduced price of 800 baht per person (down from 1500 baht) for hotels, valid until 31 October 2023.

For enquiries and further information, you can reach out to them at 085-080-0065 or visit their website at or email


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