Your Say – Closure of Maya Bay during the monsoon 2018

A decision to temporarily close Maya Bay to all tourists during the wet season from this June to September has been approved by the marine national parks chiefs.

The move follows proposals from prominent academics and concerned locals to restore the coral reefs and ecosystem to allow nature to recover from the impacts of uncontrolled tourism during the rest of the year.

Of course four months, following years of abuse and a staggering rise in tourist numbers visiting the Bay, is completely inadequate and will likely do little for the fragile eco-system.

• Sorry, but 4 months isn’t going to reverse the damage done – James

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• What it needs is a year or more. if they really cared about the eco system thats what they will do. this is nothing more than a photo / press release to say look we do care about the enviroment. Close it for a year or two. That will help the area and save lives as the dangerous speed boats will stop crashing, sinking, running people down and blowing up too. Better still 2 years and then open to a very limited number each day. But we all know money talks so it will be open again as soon as possible – Simon

• I hope they do restrict the numbers of tourists for the rest of the year.
It’s not worth going anyhow with 1000’s of people there, you can’t move in or out of the water. It’s 1 place I will never return to – Glenn

• 4 months is nothing. The should close it down indefinitely – Amara

Too little, too late…. – Joseph

• It took millions of years to evolve, 10 years to destroy. Four months will do nothing. What an insult – Miles

A leading marine biologist and major campaigner on the Maya Bay closure plan, Thon Thamrongnawasawat – deputy dean of the Fishery Faculty at Kasetsart University – says the seasonal closure was a major step towards environmental preservation of all famous marine tourist attractions in Thailand.

Late last year his team compiled results from an opinion survey of more than 300 local people and tourism operators in Krabi. He said most people agreed with the proposal to close Maya Bay to tourism from June to October to allow nature start to heal the damage.

Thon was speaking to reporters as his team and officials from Haad Nopparat Thara Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park were surveying Maya and Pileh bays. He said the coral reefs at the two bays had suffered 80% mortality, apparently because more than 200 boats carrying about 4,000 tourists visit the two bays each day.

Read the rest of his article HERE.

Your Say - Closure of Maya Bay during the monsoon 2018 | News by Thaiger

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