Extramarital affair: Young girl exposes father’s infidelity, triggers divorce proceedings

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In an unprecedented twist, a five year old girl found herself in the middle of a domestic fallout after revealing to her mother about her father’s extramarital affair. Jean, in her early thirties, was blindsided by her daughter’s revelation, sparking off an unravelling of their seemingly happy family life built over eight years of marriage.

Jean and her spouse lived in the same village, parenting a young daughter amidst their tranquil existence. While working a fixed schedule as an office worker, her husband’s erratic work hours began causing him to disconnect within the family unit. For instance, while Jean desired evenings where both parents engaged with their daughter, her husband’s work often intruded. There were also occasions where she sought intimacy from her husband at night, however, fatigue often was the explanation for his reluctance. His continued dismissals embittered her over time.

A turning point in the revealing of extramarital affair events occurred on their daughter’s fifth birthday. As a celebratory gesture, Jean planned a family photo while cutting the birthday cake and urged her husband to show affection by giving her a peck on the cheek, something absent for a while. Initially hesitant, he complied with the photo. However, soon after, while the husband had to step out to purchase beverages, their daughter asked, “Mum, do you know why dad doesn’t kiss you anymore? He kisses a pretty woman every afternoon. I see it when he picks me up from school. He told me not to tell you. It’s a secret between us. So this is a secret between you and me.”

The mother’s heart sank at the extramarital affair revelations and confrontations ensued on the little girl’s birthday. The following quarrels in front of the child led to heated discussions about divorce, division of assets and child custody rights.

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The child, feeling responsible for the unfolding extramarital affair events, repeatedly apologised to her parents for the chaos that ensued. Jean, heartbroken, assured her daughter that she was not at fault and that the turmoil was solely because of the adults’ actions, reported Sanook.

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