Woman cancels wedding after uncovering fiancé’s secret videos and 150,000 baht betrayal

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A Malaysian woman discovered shocking secrets about her fiancé just before their wedding, including his dark behaviour involving her family members, prompting her to cancel the wedding and expose his past.

The woman, in a social media post, revealed that she and her boyfriend had been together for six years. They had met in university and he proposed to her in April last year. However, in December, while she was away on a trip with her family, she lost contact with him. Upon her return, her fiancé confessed that he no longer loved her and asked for a week to clear his thoughts, refusing to accept her calls or messages.

Determined to uncover the reasons for his change in behaviour, she eventually discovered that he had been buying sexual services since their university days. The woman found numerous sex videos in his cloud drive and intimate pictures of her own family members. Furthermore, she discovered that her fiancé had spent 20,000 ringgits (approximately 150,000 baht) (US$ 4,340) from their wedding fund on sex services and had even brought a sex worker home, reported Sanook.

For the past five years, I never suspected him. I trusted him too much. I trusted him 100%. Now, my heart is heavy with sadness and remorse.

Her fiancé admitted to engaging in such activities due to stress, while claiming that he had secretly taken pictures of her family members for financial reasons, intending to sell them online. However, her dismay grew when her fiancé’s family blamed her for his actions, citing her lack of trust in him. They even hoped that she would forgive him and continue with the wedding plans.

Despite her anger, the woman decided to break up with her fiancé immediately and sent a legal notice through her lawyer to press charges against him. She has shared her story online to warn other women about his behaviour and prevent future victims.

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