Age gap romance: Wealthy Chinese businesswoman wins over skeptical in-laws

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The unusual love story of a 22 year old man and a 39 year old woman from Hainan province, China caught the attention of online communities. The narrative took an interesting turn when it emerged that the man’s parents, who were initially fiercely opposed to the relationship, had a considerable change of heart when they discovered the profession and income of their potential daughter-in-law despite the huge age gap.

The report revealed that the couple stumbled upon each other one morning, while the man, whom we’ll call ‘Zhen’ (pseudonym), was out for a run. He saw a charming woman and decided to introduce himself—an action that turned out to be fortuitous as the woman, ‘Ding’ (pseudonym), reciprocated Zhen’s friendly approach. She jokingly mentioned that it was a rarity to see a young man jogging early in the morning. From that day on, they began meeting daily for their exercise sessions, growing their understanding and feelings throughout their shared journey.

As time advanced, the friendly rapport developed into romantic sentiments. Despite a significant age gap, both decided to transition into a committed relationship. After dating for over six months, the 22 year old man proposed to his love at the public park where they first met. His proposal was accepted. Following the engagement, he took her to meet his parents and share the happy news.

Although Ding was 39 years old, her rigorous personal care routine made her appear not only beautiful but also considerably younger than her actual age. Therefore, Zhen’s parents were initially pleased without raising any concerns. They cooked a large banquet to warmly welcome their son’s girlfriend. However, when they found out about her real age, they expressed immediate objections. They feared that their son would struggle to find happiness if he got married to a woman significantly older than him, and bearing offspring might pose problems.

These age gap concerns were allayed after they discovered Ding was a successful businesswoman who ran a large cosmetics brand in Hainan province. Moreover, she had amassed substantial wealth over her career. The couple’s future financial well-being was assured, and she even promised to have a child, further appeasing the concerns of her future in-laws. Thus, they agreed to the union, filling their son’s life with joy reported Sanook.

While their age gap romance couldn’t evade gossip, especially when Zhen moved into his wife’s house post-marriage, triggering suggestions that he was more interested in her wealth than real love. In response, Zhen said…

“I don’t want to think too much about the future, which is unpredictable. I just want to focus on the present and live a serious, peaceful, and happy life. That’s enough.”

He added…

“Age is not a problem in a free society. The important thing is how two people feel about each other. We don’t need to explain much. Time will prove everything.”

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