Indonesian teen’s father marries her childhood friend

An Indonesian girl was shocked when her father married her childhood friend. (via Bridestory)

There’s a good way and a bad way for your stepmom to be your best friend. A 19 year old Indonesian woman, suffered mixed emotions as her father recently married her childhood friend. The bride and she were once close playmates, while their fathers worked alongside each other.

In an initial display of joy on social media, Silwa Nabela Dwianadini, highlighted the unique family dynamic of her father marrying her close friend, 33 years his junior. However, this reunion has brought forth emotional challenges for Silwa, unsettling the normalcy of her life.

Silwa and the bride have known each other since their young days, united by a shared connection; her father and the bride’s father were coworkers. Silwa shared the awkwardness of it all with her friend/new step-mom.

“My dad used to be a contractor, and your father worked for him. Incidentally, he used to bring his daughter along to the worksite, which led us to become friends due to our similar age. We used to play together frequently.”

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There was a period of disconnection between them before they met again during the early years of secondary school.

Her father’s unexpected plan to marry her friend was a surprise for Silwa. She was informed about only a few weeks before the wedding. Despite the initial shock and inability to react, she eventually accepted the peculiar arrangement.

“On July 10 my dad told me he was marrying my friend. Yes, I was shocked, but what could I do? I just had to accept it.”

Silwa’s parents had divorced when she was in fifth grade, and both her mother and she were aware of her father’s plans to marry her friend despite the significant 33-year age gap between her father and her friend.

Currently, Silwa lives with her mother, while her father resides with his new family. After their wedding, Silwa hasn’t had a chance to meet up with them yet.

Last month a teenager in China shocked his mother with the exact opposite wedding surprise – he declared that he was marrying his mum’s close friend.

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