Human trafficking: Kantharalak karaoke club raided following charges of child prostitution

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At 10.10pm yesterday, an infamous karaoke club, located in the Nong Ya Lad district of Kantharalak, Sisaket was raided by Siriwit Chan Techasitkul, the head of Human Trafficking Case Management at the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), joined by Surachai Tumwong, protector of Srisaket Province, Narin Bupta, station chief of Kantharalak police station, and social and human security development officials of Sisaket province.

They were collectively working to crack down on human trafficking, particularly to make a profit out of child prostitution involving those less than 18 years old. Investigations had revealed that one such karaoke outlet was exploiting minors under 18 for sex trafficking.

Siriwit explained that officials had cooperated to inspect potentially risky service establishments, locating and arresting two suspects, a mother-daughter duo, known as A and B (fake names). This pair ran a karaoke establishment selling food and beverages, where they brought in young women to service the customers. This provision involved drinks, allowing them to cuddle, kiss, touch, and even engage in prostitution, including offering girls aged under 18 to sleep with customers.

This underage involvement falls under the category of human trafficking by profiteering from child prostitution. Therefore, the officials apprehended A and B, accusing them of jointly trafficking humans by profiting from young girls engaged in prostitution aged under 18. Subsequently, both suspects have been brought to the Department of Special Investigation to proceed with legal charges as per the law reported KhaoSod.

Human trafficking for sex has sparked widespread concern. Cops apprehended a Lao woman in a Narathiwat karaoke bar for luring a 14 year old girl into the flesh trade. Read more HERE.

A few months ago, police swooped on a massage parlour in the northern province of Tak after a tip-off on underage sex trafficking within the region. This operation led to the successful arrest of the owner, with two Burmese girls being rescued. Read more HERE.

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