Viral video reveals Japanese man’s covert train misconduct

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A Japanese man’s secret groping of a sleeping woman on a train caused a social media storm after it was caught on video and went viral. The man, discovered to be a successful employee of a major company and a graduate of a prestigious university, is also a father of three.

The viral video shows the pervert on a train, seated next to a sleeping woman. Regrettably, he covertly uses one hand to fondle the woman’s chest throughout the journey, feigning ignorance when she awakens and quickly exits the train. The video was captured by an onlooker and posted online as a warning to women to remain vigilant.

Initially, when the video went viral, many speculated if it was a Japanese adult video content, doubting the incident’s authenticity. However, netizens’ investigation revealed that the man is not involved in the adult industry but an employee of a large corporation and a graduate of a top-tier university, reported KhaoSod. He is also married with three children, further shocking many.

Numerous people questioned why the person filming the video did not intervene to halt the man’s actions. This sparked various opinions; some suggested that without solid evidence, it would be difficult to fully accuse the man, while others admitted they might be scared to interfere, fearing potential harm.

Regardless, the incident is a serious issue and it’s likely the man will face social repercussions. As for legal penalties, that remains to be seen.

In related news, a brave Thai woman shared a video on Facebook exposing a pervert sexually harassing her on a public bus from Bangkok to Nakhon Nayok. The victim, Boat, urged others to speak out against sexual harassment and sought to raise awareness by sharing evidence of the incident on the internet.

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