Junior high school students breaks nose of fifth year senior in northern Thailand

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A group of third year high school students attacked and kicked a fifth year student in the face until his nose was broken and covered in blood.

The parents of the perpetrators were fined for a total of 9,000 baht. The parents of the injured student were shocked to find the same group of kids who assaulted their son posting a photo with a gun on Instagram along with a video of the assault. They blamed the school and the legal department for failing to maintain student safety in educational institutions.

The Facebook page Tell Bua Khao City posted pictures and clips of senior students being physically assaulted by juniors from the same school. The incident occurred in a school in Kuchinarai District. The parents of the attackers were willing to pay a compensation fee of 3,000 baht each.

The school director detailed that the incident took place on January 4 where a group of about 10 fifth year students sitting together with their friends. Two third year students and a second year student walked up and kicked the senior students. One of the fifth year students was so badly hurt that he had blood all over his face and was unable to get up from the ground.

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A group of friends and teachers tried to stop the attack. After the parents of both groups of students learned of the matter, a negotiation immediately started. The perpetrators were willing to compensate 3,000 baht each to the injured party, with 9,000 baht in total. As for disciplinary punishment, the three students were investigated before being granted parole according to regulations. Solutions to resolve conflicts in schools in immediate phase were also discussed, reported Daily News.


A (pseudonym), mother of Keng (pseudonym), the fifth year student who was kicked in the face and had his nose broken, revealed that her son’s injuries were very serious.

“My son’s nose bridge was broken. I had to report at Ban Nong Mek Police Station first because I fear for my son’s safety.

“He will be sent to Kalasin Hospital for treatment but I want to ask the school to take good care of the children and not let them cause any trouble to anyone. Parents also shouldn’t be lenient on their children when they hurt someone.”

Meanwhile, Police Lieutenant Colonel Arthit said that the victims had come to report the matter at Ban Nong Mek Police Station. However, evidence in the form of a medical certificate is required. The police has made a record in file.

“There was a photo taken with a firearm and posted on Twitter. Police will investigate whether the children in the group who committed the crime actually have firearms in their possession or not. If they are found to have committed an offence, they will be detained and prosecuted according to law.”

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