US woman lives as infant, spending 10,000 baht monthly on diapers

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Paigey Miller, a 29 year old woman from the east coast of the United States, lives her life as an infant, complete with bottle-feeding and nappy-wearing, spending more than 10,000 baht (US$ 292) a month on diapers.

Originally a fan of toys and stuffed animals, Miller decided to create social media content for the adult baby community, a lifestyle that has sparked shock and heavy criticism since its inception in 2018, roughly six years ago. Despite the backlash and questions about her sanity, she continues her unique lifestyle, beginning each day in her baby crib, playing with toys, sucking on a bottle, and frequently using a pacifier after changing her morning nappy.

“I’ve always collected toys and have a childish sense of humour, so my friends and family accept it without any problems… When I was old enough, I started searching the Internet to see if there were other people like me.”

Despite the criticism, she receives positive feedback from many of her followers.

“I get emails every day from people thanking me for publicising their interests.”

Meanwhile, creating such content allows her to fund her expensive lifestyle to maintain her infantilised life from the subscription fees paid to view her content, which amounts to nearly 20,000 baht (US$ 541) per month, reported Sanook.

This means that this adult baby still recognises that she is an adult with responsibilities and needs to earn income to cover the costs of maintaining her crib lifestyle.

“I am happy to be a child.”

In related news, the media in India reported a shocking incident involving an eight-month-old baby who was sold by his parents to fund the purchase of an iPhone 14. The focal point of the case became the couple’s obsession with the high-end smartphone, resulting in the appalling decision to sell their infant son to meet the purchase price.

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