Indian couple sells baby for iPhone 14

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In late July, Indian media reported a shocking incident involving an eight-month-old baby who was sold by his parents to fund the purchase of an iPhone 14. The focal point of the case became the couple’s obsession with the high-end smartphone, resulting in the appalling decision to sell their infant son to meet the purchase price.

Jadef and Stee, husband and wife from West Bengal, India showed a keen interest in the iPhone 14 despite financial troubles due to their meagre income. Hence, the extravagant smartphone seemed out of their reach yet, before long, they were seen flashing their new iPhone 14 and producing popular Instagram Reels.

Their sudden change in lifestyle and the mysterious disappearance of their eight-month-old baby boy raised suspicions amongst their neighbours who knew it was impossible for them to afford an iPhone that costs over 100,000 Rupees, approximately 41,000 baht. When quizzed about their son’s whereabouts, the couple remained unfazed and claimed to have left the child with a relative, reported The Straitstimes.

Unconvinced, neighbours alerted the police which resulted in Stee’s arrest. Jadef remains at large. She confessed to selling her baby to buy the iPhone 14 and revealed attempts to sell their seven-year-old daughter as well, which thankfully fell through.

In a fortunate turn of events, the infant was found at the home of a woman who has since been charged. Apart from being charged with human trafficking, the couple also faces charges of drug abuse.

Another case of someone selling a baby took place three years ago in China, though not for an iPhone. A man in China allegedly sold his newborn son to an online buyer for 18,000 pounds or 722,000 baht. The father claimed the Covid-19 pandemic left him unemployed and he needed the money, so he put his baby – just 40 days old – up for sale.

The alleged buyer was a woman who was unable to have children, reports say. Sometime after the purchase, the woman was carrying the baby at a train station in Hefei, China and looked suspicious.

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