Woman finds dead gecko in sticky rice in bamboo inspired by Korean stars

Picture courtesy of Sanook

A shocking discovery was made by a Facebook user who purchased sticky rice in bamboo, hoping to emulate popular Korean personalities, Jung and Callan. The user was taken aback when she found a large dead gecko inside the bamboo tube.

In a post shared in the consumer group We Are Consumers, a user shared her unnerving experience. She had bought sticky rice in bamboo, inspired by Korean stars Jung and Callan, only to be met with a shocking surprise when she unboxed her meal. She found an unexpected addition to her meal – a large dead gecko.

A picture of the sticky rice tube with the gecko was shared. However, as soon as the bamboo skin was peeled off slightly, an unsettling surprise was revealed. A large gecko was lying dead inside the sticky rice in bamboo, reported Sanook.

The caption of the post stood out, “When I wanted to have sticky rice, following Jung and Callan… it smelt as fragrant as grilled meat.”

Following the publication of the post, numerous netizens chimed in with their comments including, “Help, Jung,” “End of black bean sticky rice,” “Shocking” and “Tastes like grilled meat.”

In related news, a mystifying episode at a restaurant in the Shaanxi region of China sparked concerns over food safety. A customer shockingly discovered an entire rat carcass nestled in their bowl of noodles, leading to the temporary closure of the establishment for reassessment.

Formally reported on August 3, the customer had ordered a large bowl of noodles at a local Shaanxi restaurant, only to find a rather intact rat carcass served alongside its fur floating within the delicacy. The scenario had been so horrifying that the victim alleged to have lost their appetite completely, raising serious questions about food safety in the region.

After the customer reported the horrific discovery, the restaurant defended its operations by denying any traces of anomalies during food preparation.

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