US hiker’s miraculous survival after being trapped in mud for days

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In what’s been deemed an incredible story of survival, a 31 year old American hiker from Massachusetts was rescued after becoming trapped in mud for at least 3 days. Other hikers managed to lend their assistance to the woman, who was reported missing on June 26, at Borderland State Park, WBZ reported.

Police officers who were called to the park found Emma Tithofsky after being alerted by a group of hikers. According to the hikers, they heard a woman’s distressed calls for help emanating from a swamp. Although the hikers could not reach Tithofsky, they notified the officers for help.

The officers ventured through dense foliage and flooded grounds to eventually rescue her. The officers estimated that Tithofsky must have been trapped there for a minimum of three days. They said the hiker’s injuries were serious, however, not life-threatening.

Tithofsky’s family noted that she has several mental challenges, however, she loves hiking and nature walks.

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Tithofsky’s mother Barbara marvelled at how her daughter had survived after being missing for a week, given her dehydration. Tithofsky’s family thanked everyone who reached out to them about the incident.

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