Unruly passengers disrupt two flights in Singapore

PHOTO: Unruly passengers disrupt two flights in Singapore thIs week. (via TikTok)

Since the Covid-19 pandemic air rage has been a disturbing growing trend. And this past week, Singapore had two incidents of flights being disrupted by unruly passengers. A flight on Scoot, Singapore Airlines’ low-cost carrier, was delayed when passengers refused to fasten their seatbelts for landing. And last week, a passenger was banned from Singapore Airlines after lashing out and hitting an employee on a flight from Bangkok to Singapore.


A Scoot flight from Bali to Singapore had to cancel a landing approach and go back into a holding pattern when several passengers refused to wear their seatbelts. The pilot announced that, for safety concerns, the aircraft isn’t legally allowed to land if the cabin isn’t secured, which includes everyone wearing a seatbelt for landing.

The incident was captured on video and posted to TikTok by one of the passengers on the flight to Singapore. In the video, passengers can be heard applauding when, after the flight was delayed because of the obstinate passengers being unbuckled, the pilot announced that airport police would be involved.

When the plane finally did land in Singapore after circling repeatedly while aircraft personnel fought with the unruly guests, the complying passengers were told to remain in their seats so that local authorities could board and handle the issue. The TikTok video captured the police entering the plane and talking to passengers and then removing several of them including a woman carrying a baby.

Scoot announced that an investigation is still underway and the public shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but they said that customer well-being is a priority and action will be taken against anyone who risks the safety of a flight. They apologised for the disruptions and inconveniences.


The incident came just a week after Singapore Airlines blacklisted a traveller who acted up on a flight and struck a member of the airline staff. The incident took place last Tuesday when a man was flying from Bangkok to Copenhagen via Singapore on the nation’s flagship carrier.

On the first leg of his flight from Bangkok to Singapore, the passenger ignored safety warnings from the crew and demanded alcohol and water. A video was captured and later went viral that showed the man threatening the airline staff, swearing at them and taunting them.

Airport police escorted the man off the flight but he was reportedly calm. He reined in his inappropriate behaviour after being issued a verbal warning by police. In his collected state, Singapore Airlines decided to let him on his continuing flight to Copenhagen.

But the man’s serenity didn’t last long, and he soon returned to unruly and disruptive behaviour. Coconuts Singapore reported that he behaved aggressively towards cabin crew and even lashed out and hit one airline employee. That employee had to receive medical treatment for minor injuries.

The airline reported that the rest of the flight was uneventful, but after reviewing the passenger’s behaviour on both legs of his journey, they decided to blacklist him from future flights.

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