Turkish father injured trying to save his child from falling debris, daughter ends up paralysed

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A heart-wrenching incident in Turkey saw a father’s protective instinct not being enough to save his young daughter from a catastrophe. A family was taking a quiet stroll to a furniture shop when an unforeseen disaster struck. Debris fell from a building overhead as they walked by – a freak accident that left the father severely injured and his daughter permanently disabled.

The incident took place in the city of Akşehir, Konya, and was captured in a disturbing video from a CCTV nearby. It shows the family peacefully walking down the sidewalk when the father notices an irregularity with the building looming over the path.

Acting on his paternal instincts, the father quickly turns to protect his daughter from the impending danger, using his physical body as a shield. Suddenly, a deluge of hefty rocks plummeted from an upper floor of the building, smashing the two people with devastating force.

Bystanders rushed the father and daughter to the hospital with a sense of extreme urgency, reported KhaoSod. The father endured serious injuries while protecting his daughter. His spine and ribs were broken due to the force of the impact.

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The daughter, though saved by the protective instincts of her father, did not escape unharmed. She suffered severe injuries to her arms and legs that resulted in permanent disability.

Further reports indicate that the falling debris originated from the fourth floor of the building, with thorough investigations underway to determine the cause of this tragic event.

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