Neighbour murdered in Phetchaburi over claims of infidelity

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A small, peaceful community was shocked when a man brutally murdered his neighbour. The attack took place in the victim’s bed, where he was bludgeoned to death with an iron hoe. The crime of passion appears to be the culmination of accusations of infidelity with the murderer, 35 year old Anon, accusing his 33 year old neighbour Thirapol of sleeping with his wife.

After committing the crime, Anon surprisingly resumed his regular life, dropping his kid and school and heading to work, until he was eventually located and apprehended by the local police.

Around 8.30am today, news of a brutal murder within a house in the Moo 3 area of the Chong Sa Kae Subdistrict, in Phetchaburi province, reached the local police station. Officers rushed to investigate the murder scene along with forensic experts and medical personnel.

They arrived at the scene where about five houses sat near each other, forming a small community. In the front house, they found the murdered neighbour Thirapol’s lifeless body lying on a bed dressed only in long jeans with no shirt. An initial examination revealed severe wounds across his face and head, presumed to have been inflicted by a sharp, heavy object.

A neighbour who learnt of the horrific events informed the police that at that time Thirapol was alone as his wife had left to drop their 17 year old son at school, a routine she follows daily. Upon her return, she found her husband murdered and immediately sought the neighbour’s help to alert the police. The wife had recently had vocal cord surgery, so was unable to contact police or offer a statement.

During their investigation, police uncovered a delicate situation implying that Thirapol had an illicit relationship with Anon’s wife. The proximity of the houses, coupled with a trail of blood leading to Anon’s house, made the police suspicious. His disappearance after the murder added to the signs of the neighbour’s guilt.

On finding blood traces in his bathroom and an iron hoe with traces of blood that appeared to be washed in his house’s backyard, the authorities had strong evidence against Anon. Subsequently, he was contacted and persuaded to surrender.

He admitted to having caught Thirapol having an extramarital affair with his wife, leading to his rage. Seizing a moment when Thirapol was asleep alone, he attacked him with the iron hoe he typically used for straw cutting, murdering his neighbour in his bed.

He then washed off the blood from the hoe in his bathroom and hid it in his backyard, after which he dropped his child off at the school and went on with his regular activities as a mechanic at an automobile garage in the Rai Som Subdistrict.

Throughout his confession, Anon expressed regret and surprised everyone by stating that he was close friends with Thirapol. It would have been impossible to harm him, were it not for the anguish and betrayal he experienced.

The site re-enactment indicated general sympathy for Anon while expressing their respect for Thirapol, known to be a quiet and non-confrontational individual. His brutal murder by his friend and neighbour left everyone shocked, with many feeling that Anon must have been seriously provoked to commit such a heinous act.

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