Thai women trafficked into Indian brothel seek legal action

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Two Thai women were escorted to a police station after being deceived by a fellow Thai into working in India where they were trafficked to a brothel. The victims are seeking assistance from the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, to pursue legal action against the exploiter.

Kan Jompalang brought the two Thai women to complain about being tricked into sexual trade in India. He said they were interested in working at a Thai massage parlour abroad but, after arriving, they found themselves in an unexpected situation where their Thai caretakers seized their passports.

These people acted as mafia, trafficking and forcing the Thai women into prostitution in an Indian brothel. If they wanted to return to Thailand, they had to pay 75,000 baht for their passports.

Thirty-year-old Anne explained that on August 18, a friend invited her to work as a masseuse in India, claiming that she could stay for about a year on a visa and earn approximately 100,000 baht per month. If she stayed for a year, she could earn over 1 million baht.

The friend then gave her the phone number of a job broker named Kung. Anne contacted her via WhatsApp and sent her personal information.

On August 21, after meeting Kung at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Anne flew to India with two older friends who had introduced her to the opportunity. Upon landing at Mumbai Airport, Kung’s team was not there to pick them up. They took a six-hour car journey to Surat, where they found a rental apartment managed by a Thai woman named Yok.

The victims were taken to a massage parlour for what they thought was a tour and a job to work as a masseuse. However, they found themselves serving customers in ways they did not expect as the parlour was an Indian brothel.

When customers demanded sex, they were taken aback and refused. However, the male Indian customers in the brothel physically assaulted them and forced themselves on them. This ill-treatment continued for eight days, reported KhaoSod.

Anne fell ill as her silicone breast implants burst, causing a high fever. However, the Indian brothel did not take her to the hospital, only giving her paracetamol. Despite her pleas that she was too sick to work, she was forced to continue providing sexual services to customers.

Fearing for her life due to her ruptured silicone implants, Anne contacted the broker, who threatened to kill her if her claims of illness were untrue. She was eventually taken to a hospital, where it was confirmed that her silicone implants had burst. The broker decided to send her back to Thailand, in a near-death state.

Twenty-nine-year-old Ying also shared a similar experience, stating that she followed Anne on August 28 and arrived on August 29. Upon arrival, she was subjected to the same treatment as Anne at the Indian brothel.

After eight days of confinement in a small room with only a small vent to see the sun rise and set, sleeping with rats and bugs, she decided to escape with her senior friend. However, they were caught and locked up.

Big Joke announced that after receiving the complaint, he would instruct the task force team and the professionals to gather information from the victims about the Indian brothel. They will collect evidence to investigate the crime and identify all the culprits involved in this trafficking operation.

He appealed to the public to help look after their children and be wary of job offers through the internet and social media. If anyone has any information about trafficking or human trafficking operations, they can report it through any channel.

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